Peter Mayer (from Jimmy Buffet’s Coral Reefer Band) and his son Brendan to play at Hazards on Middle Bass Island

Mike “Mad Dog” Adams performs day before as part of memorable weekend

May 22, 2024

St. Hazard’s Resort Middle Bass Island, Lake Erie

Two standout artists from the global, island music scene are set to drop anchor in the middle of Lake Erie for what is guaranteed to be a sold out audience.

Peter Mayer, a member of Jimmy Buffet’s Coral Reefer Band, with son Brendan Mayer, will take the stage at St. Hazards on Sunday, June 23, 2024 at 3 pm. A meet and greet will take place immediately after the show and conclude by 6 pm.

Advanced reservations required for the Peter Mayer show with tickets from ten to thirty dollars. A cover charge and reservations are not required for Saturday’s “Mad Dog” event. Call 419-285-6121 for reservations.

This following, a sweet show with well-known regional comedian and daydreamer, Mike “Mad Dog” Adams. More on that returning act as you read. But first, Peter is a guitarist, vocalist and songwriter. He has performed for crowds of thousands over the course of three decades with the legend and late, Jimmy Buffet. Brendan, also a guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter toured with Buffet in 2014 and performs regularly as a soloist and with his trio.

Here is what attendees, day trippers, islanders, guests, locals, workers, boaters and campers need to know for this show.

There are choices to catch these sweet sounds and treat oneself to this jam session: pay general admission, VIP price or for a table. Tables can accommodate between four to eight people around our fire pits. Here is what they look like. We do need you to call and reserve your pick. 419-285-6121 is the number.

Perfect for an intimate gathering.

Tent camping is available as well as other accommodations. We rent chalets, we have one villa available, as well as the cabins for a comfortable stay equipped with a/c, refrigerators and microwaves. Showers and toilets can be accessed via the on site bathhouse. Vehicles full of gear can be brought across the lake via the Miller Boatline.

Call 419-285-2421 to make a reservation in advance for a vehicle and or a boat. As always, plan ample amount of time to buy tickets, park the vehicle and board the ferry. Ferries to MBI always depart from the docks at the very tip of Catawba Island (the edge of Ohio’s mainland) on time.

Shuttle bus rides are available once one reaches MBI for three dollars per person, per way. This service is always available once vacationers and locals reach our island.

The Sonny-S Boatline will run trips from MBI and The Boardwalk on SBI (South Bass Island) all summer and for this event and weekend as well. Check the schedule and further information about fares here.

As mentioned above, famed entertainer of the Lake Erie Islands, Ohio’s Northcoast, Ohio’s Vacationland and Cleveland, Mike “Mad Dog” Adams will wow the crowd at St. Hazards the Saturday prior, June 22, 2024 starting at around 1:30 pm island time. We are looking forward to this pirate, poet and philosopher sharing his talent with us on stage, next to our tiki bar and, adjacent to our wrap-around porch with more outdoor seating.

“Mad Dog” on stage at St. Hazards, MBI Lake Erie in 2023.

What a weekend! Call to learn more, ask questions and let us assist you and your group as you navigate the hottest spot on the North American continent when the calendar reads “summer”. Yes! We have finally reached season on the Lake Erie Islands and can’t wait to have all guests join us for the adventure, connections, pool time, cocktails, mocktails, Sonny-S rides, food and fun as we move into our twenty-sixth season. Bookings can always be done online. Access the rentals and campsites here.

Josie is an award-winning broadcast journalist with tours at WHIZ, KMEG, KGAN, WTOL, WNWO, WOIO. She’s earned a couple of Tellys, awards from the IBNA, covered the presidential elections and wrote her own paper in Key West while working as a (SCUBA) Dive Reporter. On that island she worked with Hyatt Centric Key West Resort & Spa, Southernmost Beach Resort, The Reach Key West Curio, and the Casa Marina Resort amongst others. She’s covered the Key West Songwriter’s Festival. If you see her working as an enterprise journalist poolside in swimwear you can always say hi; or drop her a note at [email protected].

Peter Mayer and His Son Brendan to Play Hazards

Peter Mayer and His Son Brendan to Play Hazards

A can’t miss songwriter’s concert is about to take place in the middle of Lake Erie on Middle Bass Island, Ohio. Peter Mayer, a member of Jimmy Buffet’s Coral Reefer Band for three decades strong; and his son Brendan Mayer, will take the stage at St. Hazards on Sunday, June 23, 2024 at 3 pm. Mayer has performed for crowds of thousands with the legend Buffet. Brendan, also a guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter toured with Buffet in 2014 and performs regularly as a soloist and with his trio.

A meet and greet will take immediately after the show and conclude by 6 pm.


Tickets and reservations do need to be made for what is sure to be a sell-out show. General admission prices start at ten dollars and V.I.P. tickets can be purchased for thirty dollars. Call St. Hazards’ main line 419-285-6121 to purchase.


To voyage to Middle Bass Island we need to remind everyone private boats, planes, the Miller Boatline, and Sonny-S Boatline are ways to access the island paradise.

The Sonny-S Boatline will run trips from MBI and The Boardwalk on SBI (South Bass Island).

The St. Hazards Shuttle Bus is available for everyone on the island once one reaches MBI. The cost is three dollars per person, per way.


Bookings can always be done online at Tent camping is being offered at an all-time low price of just twenty dollars per tent for a two-night stay. This way St.Hazards can accommodate anyone wanting to join in the festivities. Remember all gear must be brought across the lake.

This is a splendid way to usher in and celebrate Summer 2024 on the Lake Erie Islands. The blenders will all be on, we’re growing mint to muddle fresh Mojitos, have two bars stocked with Caribbean rums and there will be plenty of other libations being served along with a Caribbean-style menu.

Call 419-285-6121 to speak with one the members of our staff, for reservations, tickets and travel tips.

Josie is an award-winning television journalist and at one point the youngest, solo female anchor and producer of the evening news in the nation. She left to report from the ocean as a SCUBA Dive Reporter while writing her own weekly newspaper in Key West. There she covered the Key West Songwriter’s Festival, Parrotheads in Paradise, and started a blog which turned into a TV Show. Another business was born at the start of Little Palm Island‘s Sandbar Sessions. A grand piano was dropped on the sand to accommodate the sounds of Stevie Nicks and JK PR came to be.
[email protected] So Fla: 305.395.8890 Ohio: 419.862.7143

Off the @&$! Phone

taboo thingamabob at the table

We’re sitting here on a remote island having coffee and discussing a ruined vacation, to an even more exotic island than Islamorada, made via the ever-clever contraption we call the cell phone.

I wish I had better photos. But, I didn’t have my phone last night during a birthday celebration at Lazy Days Restaurant located at a sweet mile marker 79.8.

I didn’t photograph the Prosecco, the Tuna Tartare, the Lazy Days Mahi Mahi Catch of the Day, more importantly – my side salad and rice.

Being a trained journalist and media professional I have an excuse. I could be snapping, capturing, writing and connecting with others not present.

But then, how with such bad behavior, and yes, let’s be bold and call the behavior “bad” because it is such poor etiquette, how does one connect with those people seated next to you.

The behavior makes others board planes early and head home.

Here’s a picture of the leftovers I’m about to indulge in. Always be conscious and think about leaving the phone at home, in the car, in a drawer or slid to off and placed out of sight.

Friday Night Snack Shoes

hats, flip-flops and socks on display amidst the wine selection

Stadiapa Steps Out in Nikeys

My Dad wanted to head out to dinner to “The Steakhouse” on Woodville Road. The eatery sets across the street from an oil refinery and adjacent to an old, no longer existent Kroger store he used to service.

He forgot his shoes.

We ordered and on the way out I surveyed the dining room after washing my hands.

“That’s ok Dad,” I said. (I wore my Nikeys out, too). “One table of guys was seated with their ballcaps on. At the table next to them was a woman wearing her flip-flops with socks.”

I had the salmon with lemon butter sauce.

Ocean Exploration and the Ego

I “won” a Malibu and soda this summer at one of my pool haunts.

The air pump was down; or no where to be found (I can’t recall which), and I set up shop in a lounge chair and added air via my own two lungs.

Unbeknownst to me the local women at the pool bar put their pennies down and bet the local men I would be able to inflate the SUNNYLiFE circular sensation (filled with glitter).

Needless to say I won; and was given the opportunity to boast of my water logged resume. We quickly turned the topic to OceanGate; a global news tragedy I am captivated with. After spending two summers in SCUBA gear with this outfit the question is posed as to why anyone would opt to risk their life.

My reasons are the same as the adventure explorers on the submersible which made waves with the phrase we all now know: implosion, taking the lives of everyone inside.

Number one is ocean exploration; and then, there is the almighty ego.

At this point in my life my ego has drown; and life is blissful. My lungs are intact and working wonderfully now that I’ve given up oak milk. I’ll take my pool floats, books, snorkel gear, swimwear, cabana, dry sand, pool tile, master’s swim workouts and jumping in to assist with the kids’ swim lessons over life-threatening depths, chasing ocean creatures and seasickness.

Let’s enjoy what’s left of summer now that the sun has started to fade before 9 p.m.

The Old Party Shop

The Old Party Shop

now saturnalia for the health smart

One could smell and easily detect the ambiance of the old digs upon arrival. Uptown Amherst was home to “Amherst Party Shop & Video,” a carryall that catered to the town’s revelry and endless entertainment with store shelves stocked with beer, wine, liquor and every accessory to accommodate the occasion.
Everything’s now posh and new.
Everything’s now organic, fresh and wonderfully good for you.

A coffee, tea and smoothie bar has replaced the cigarettes, Teto’s and Sam Adam’s.

I stumbled upon the updates through the MindBody App. The Studio at Doc Watson’s is the new yoga loft above Doc Watson’s (Indoor Farmer’s) Market.
I twisted myself into Cat Pulling its Tail pose and headed downstairs for more deliciousness.

Here’s a look at the menu.

I ordered the Loaded Avo Toast.

Avocado smeared on sprouted grain bread with broccoli sprouts, feta cheese, Himalayan pink salt and everything but the bagel seasoning.
Post yoga deliciousness served with a smile by owner, Kelsey Watson.
I shopped the shelves and saw clean, sugar and caffeine free supplements; a big deal when the issue is heart health.
Bovine Collagen for restorative health has replaced the Bailey’s Irish Cream.

I grew up a kid in Amherst in the 80s. The bedroom community of twenty-five thousand residents was developed then with every amenity a youngster could want. The atmosphere was made alive with an uptown bowling alley, movie theatre, a Ben Franklin’s, library, public pool, sledding hills plus shopping.

I’m thrilled, during visits back to the 44001 homeland, the digs in 2023 a still fit the asterial ambiance of the Amherst Comets.

Earth Day 2🌎23

birdwatching in the backyard

Earth Day 2🌎23

I received a new bird feeder last month. I didn’t know the satisfaction of having an array of winged wildlife to watch.

They’re here. The blue jays, cardinals and even a woodpecker.

The birds are piggies ! There isn’t any food for them in early spring.
The backyard squirrels have been hanging upside down from the tree branch trying to feast.

I have a new line item in my budget; which is, buying black silk birdseed. After this Earth Day I see the satisfaction in wildlife photography.

To Work with Mommy

Complete with a Cat 5 Labor Day Hurricane Storyline

The granddaughter of a Latin Teacher, my mom retired after twenty four years of teaching English, Reading and Applied Communications to Seniors in the Sandusky County School District. She was a slave to her students and their academic instruction.

Retirement didn’t last long. She set sail for an island south of Miami and Labor Day Weekend 2020 marks the ideal time to focus on her new Florida Keys “employment”.

To Work with Mommy

She’s conducting educational tours to visitors from around the world on Pigeon Key, an island rich in development, tropical and hurricane history. Most notably the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935. One could spend years studying the strength and devastation of this storm. The Director of the island asked her to share her enthusiasm for the island and years of classroom instruction and to be the spokeswoman for the schooling. She agreed, but “not for free.” Nice work mom! We taught her well. She named the price on her paycheck.

I went to work with her and captured a slideshow earlier this year.

A brief background. This remote island, now only accessible via ferry provided he backdrop for many family getsaways, gatherings, bonfires, and overnight stays.

And check this out: My mom and me for this year’s 2020 photo op against the old railroad bridge destroyed by the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935.

We didn’t plan this. The same pier with an altered pose of the 2012 Save the Bridge Calendar Shoot that landed me on the pages as Miss May.

Oh to Labor! Jason fired me so the work is justified. My mom got a kick of the autograph signing at Castaway Waterfront Restaurant and Sushi Bar. If you have the time, this three day weekend; delve into the history of Pigeon Key, the Overseas Railroad (affectionately known as Flagler’s Folly) and the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935. I’d write more but I have to run to work. I leave you with some photos of my nephew playing in the beach house there in my Tusa Serene Mask and Tusa Hyper-Dry Snorkel from Divers Direct. Do not head to this island without gear to view what is in the ocean.

Anti-Industry Elements on MBI

Hurray! Time to celebrate all that time at the grind. St. Hazards on Middle Bass Island, Lake Erie provides the laid back land for anyone looking to escape the punch of the time clock with a Pina Colada. Make that a Pina Colada with a Captain Morgan Spiced Rum Float. Besides lounge chairs, a full menu, campground and fire pits, the property, nestled a fifty minute ferry ride out into Lake Erie, sells, serves, or rents all of the other fundamentals to make forgetting about slaving away simple.

The anti-slog list is straightforward. A straw hat from the gift shop.

A MBI bracelet from the gift shop, and a coconut to showcase the selection of Caribbean Rum cocktails.

Golf carts and beach cruiser bicycles are also for rent. The Panama Jack hat and ballcap add to the island ambiance of anti-industry.

Banana dress and Sperrys my own. The sweat and servitude can stay on the mainland where they belong. See everyone poolside to mark Labor Day Weekend 2020.

Outfit in Ed’s Gift Shop

While we all wait for the main attraction at St. Hazard’s, the pool, to return to the hue of the Mediterranean Sea; let’s turn our attention to another resort feature: the island gift shop. Inside one can typically not only hear the phone ring with eager travelers wanting to know how to reach the ferry; and even more importantly, potential guests wanting to know “how close is Put-in-Bay,” but the entrance area is loaded with gear to wear on site for an island experience.

A look at the prices of all items shown.

Note there isn’t any sticker shock. Shop away while maintenance shocks the pool. We are anticipating pristine pool water for another wonderful weekend ahead.