Picky isn’t for Paradise seeking pleasure not perfection

Pictures by Kim Kindinger 

The process took forty years but I finally let go of perfection. But not without a fight. I have been sitting with Josie in Paradise Episode I for over one week. I did hand over all material, including that which was shot for the J O S I E BEACH commercial and the show open to the editor and never logged any of the shots. Nope. Over half was shot in swimwear attire for my new line and I didn’t critique, make suggestions, write or attempt to manage anything.


Remind you my middle initials are P.I.A. for Pain in the you-know-what. I strive for perfection. The observation has been made that one simply can not be trained or educated to the level at which I do things; one has to be genetically miswired.

This being said, there are a couple of adjustments I wanted made to Episode I before I posted the show. Journalistically, from a perspective of broadcast news techniques, there are a couple of jump cuts and over modulated sound. I wanted more two shots, I wanted to see more of the real estate listing, I felt we didn’t show enough of the yoga video…

Plus, I never wrote anything. I don’t know sometimes you just let go because you can’t do everything. I learned and finally executed how to let other people help.

Episode II I DID take the raw footage, log and write and create organized folders, but never reviewed the final product. The show was sent to South Florida with the approval of someone else!
I learned I have better things to do with my time than edit away sports bra tan lines, to spend time telling other people what to do, and how I want them done, or to list corrections which must be made… or even worse alphabetize the spices while everyone else is out boating. Critics will always be around the bend.

In this business the task of letting go is tough. One’s DNA is shown all over one’s work to anyone who wants to watch, listen, or read.
Being picky isn’t synonymous with Paradise.

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