Oh… hi, Ohio heat is on on the coastline

Photos by Steven Drescher

This Great Lakes region of the United States is located ninety minutes west of Cleveland, two hours north of the state capital and accessible by the Glass City residents within about sixty minutes.

The area showcases the pride of Port Clinton, the lux of Catawba Island, and nooks and crannies of Lakeside Marblehead all situated on the mainland. Sandusky; home to Cedar Point, Kalahari, Soak City and more, shows off the world’s highest and fastest roller coasters to all developments on the coastline.

There’s more.

Those three islands listed are open to the public. The others, require an invitation. Take a look at the map I stole from MBI Developer, Ed Gudenas.

This setting is a mixture for mayhem. The epitome of an endless summer is achieved. Vacation rental demand can not be met. According to Lake Erie’s Shores and Islands ten million visitors will descend upon this land, again ninety minutes west of The Land,  generating close to two billion in sales. There are close to fourteen thousand full time hospitality positions and calls are out for bartenders to pour and mix at private summer soirees set against the saltless body of water for guest lists that extend deep into the Cavs roster. Inventory for real estate is low and anyone with waterfront property is king and or queen.

Set sail. Summer is here.

Father’s Day Hot Tub Brats meat to make men rave

There isn’t be a more appropriate holiday to make a mark with meat other than Father’s Day. I already tested this dish twice. I serve up these succulent Hot Tub Beer Brats at a party and then, text my dad’s girlfriend in all caps that I have the BIGGEST SURPRISE.
The surprise: I purchased a meat product and then prepared the delicacy for the grill.
These can be steamed in the oven, too.

Check out my video captured at Marblehead Estates & Yacht Club or follow the simple instructions. If I can wow my own father with this marvel which requires only a few basic ingredients and a bottle or two of favorite brew, anyone can be the star of this supper or lunchtime show.

Steam for twenty minutes and then brown for ten on the grill. Using the oven doubles the steam time. The broiler can be used to crisp the outer shell. Serve with sauerkraut, potato salad, pickles (or dill relish) and spicy brown mustard.

Happy Father’s Day everyone. Dish adapted from Deep South Dish using Commodore Perry India Pale Ale.