The Underground: Stadium Kicks Converse Classic Chuck Taylor All Stars

“I’m an attorney (in) commercial real estate. I specialize in affordable housing community development law. That’s why I’m here in Cleveland. I’m here for a conference and snuck out for a few minutes and here I am buying Chucks,” Toni Jackson shared her vice in the Tower City Center.

“I have a crazy collection of Converse. I grew up like everybody else wearing Chuck Taylors and when they came back in style a number of years ago I guess I started going crazy,” Jackson, like an attorney, spoke the truth.

Even though this legal powerhouse hails from Houston, Texas, she caught the championship fever pulsating through The Land and also bought tickets to every sporting event she could afford.

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In the stands and in the bleachers, a dress shoe just won’t do. At Underground by Journeys in Tower City is where the men at Footlocker send shoppers to try on the footwear fashion that never fades.

“They love Chuck Taylors. They’re very in-style. We have a lot of selections to choose from. Yeah! They buy them a lot. We got a lot of Converses,” Journeys sales associate Diamond Moore wearing a pair of high-tops herself supplied.

img_96361Even though named for a basketball legend, Chuck Taylors Converse take members of its tribe from work to the playground. Every Cleveland Indians fan knows navigating the way through the gates to seats on the upper deck through peanut shells and steep steps requires shoes as indomitable as the roster.

According to Converse:

Created in 1917 as a non-skid basketball shoe, the All Star was originally promoted for its superior court performance by basketball mastermind Chuck Taylor. But over the decades, something incredible happened: The sneaker, with its timeless silhouette and unmistakable ankle patch, was organically adopted by rebels, artists, musicians, dreamers, thinkers and originals.

“Chuck Taylors. They’re the quintessential, stylish sports shoe,” observed photographer Steven Drescher.

In line with Cleveland’s scene this shoe, with its vulcanized rubber sole, has an “unmistakable cultural authenticity”.

The All Star sneaker also has an unmatched style and the $49.99 price tag leaves plenty left over for peanuts and Cracker Jacks. Tower City Center is located at 230 West Huron Street in downtown Cleveland. Underground at Journeys is on Level One.

For more on the jersey go here.


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