Toes in the Salt city spa amenity in Sandusky

To usher in 2017 I changed into a Spa Kalahari robe and dipped my perfectly pedicured peds, colored in Rouge Rouge, four inches deep into Himalayan salt. The Halotherapy Salt Room at Spa Kalahari in Sandusky is one of three salt rooms in Ohio. Salt is used to detox the body from the inside out and also to enliven the energy field around one. I quickly flipped through three magazines to decompress and then sat back and inhaled the salt vapors.

Rebekah Shalne Wellness Coordinator offered, “I personally think it’s a great addition to our spa. We have a lot of guests who come multiple times during their stay because they find it works; so, they come and access the room a couple of times more.”

During the time inside I cleared my conscious mind and did some introspection about some elements which were possibly holding me back and looked intently at the year ahead. This session is a perfect add-on to any spa service. I plan to re-enter the room after a favorite workout session, followed by a massage so my mind is completely clear of clutter. I also would attempt this with a calendar afterwards cleared of errands and business to maximize benefits of the energy field. Sessions are only twenty dollars when added onto another spa service.


Josie is on the Coastal Ohio Trail for Holiday 2016 – 2017 proving The Great Lakes Region is great indeed

Don’t forget to swing over to Josie Style for the Home. In JK Design the Let it Snow holiday 2016 spectacular Christmas on the River continues. Remember the three wise men don’t deliver gifts until January 6 marking the Epiphany.

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