EPISODE I: Real Estate The Banyan Cove Phase I $165,00 boutique condo near Put-in-Bay

There are realtors and then there’s the real deal. Some realtors just want to take your money. Some truly want others to find the perfect place to rest their head. These ladies and gentlemen will steer buyers away from shoddy construction, poor location, and a move which could potentially be a financial blunder.

These are the business leaders one must seek out.

Let me help you. Truth and Rob Lenthe are synonymous. He is the realtor with Truth First Realty and this guy is the real deal. He’s personable, has work ethic, knows the Lake Erie Islands, knows Ohio’s Vacationland, has tons of friends and even more connections, and wants to see business happen and make people feel good about the deals they enter. Myself, and the entire show crew,  like this guy.

Right now this gem of a guy, has a gem of a listing anyone can buy.

He jumped on board with us to showcase a one-bedroom, one-bathroom boutique condo nestled in the middle South Bass Island. This island off the coast of Ohio in Lake Erie that contains the summer hot spot of Put-in-Bay. The place was about the same size as my first cottage in Key West across the street from the iconic Marquesa Hotel.

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Banyan Cove Phase I is one-year old. This ground-level unit is being shown at a reduced price of $165,000. The interior flaunts Lake Erie high fashion elements and artwork indicative of the locale. The furnishings can be negotiated.

“The key selling point is location,” Lenthe supplies, “you’re within two blocks of downtown and less than one half of a mile to the airport and a golf cart ride to the ferry. This is central.”

Watch the interview with Lenthe inside the condo unit which aired on Episode I of Josie in Paradise.

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