Friday Night Snack Shoes

hats, flip-flops and socks on display amidst the wine selection

Stadiapa Steps Out in Nikeys

My Dad wanted to head out to dinner to “The Steakhouse” on Woodville Road. The eatery sets across the street from an oil refinery and adjacent to an old, no longer existent Kroger store he used to service.

He forgot his shoes.

We ordered and on the way out I surveyed the dining room after washing my hands.

“That’s ok Dad,” I said. (I wore my Nikeys out, too). “One table of guys was seated with their ballcaps on. At the table next to them was a woman wearing her flip-flops with socks.”

I had the salmon with lemon butter sauce.

The Old Party Shop

The Old Party Shop

now saturnalia for the health smart

One could smell and easily detect the ambiance of the old digs upon arrival. Uptown Amherst was home to “Amherst Party Shop & Video,” a carryall that catered to the town’s revelry and endless entertainment with store shelves stocked with beer, wine, liquor and every accessory to accommodate the occasion.
Everything’s now posh and new.
Everything’s now organic, fresh and wonderfully good for you.

A coffee, tea and smoothie bar has replaced the cigarettes, Teto’s and Sam Adam’s.

I stumbled upon the updates through the MindBody App. The Studio at Doc Watson’s is the new yoga loft above Doc Watson’s (Indoor Farmer’s) Market.
I twisted myself into Cat Pulling its Tail pose and headed downstairs for more deliciousness.

Here’s a look at the menu.

I ordered the Loaded Avo Toast.

Avocado smeared on sprouted grain bread with broccoli sprouts, feta cheese, Himalayan pink salt and everything but the bagel seasoning.
Post yoga deliciousness served with a smile by owner, Kelsey Watson.
I shopped the shelves and saw clean, sugar and caffeine free supplements; a big deal when the issue is heart health.
Bovine Collagen for restorative health has replaced the Bailey’s Irish Cream.

I grew up a kid in Amherst in the 80s. The bedroom community of twenty-five thousand residents was developed then with every amenity a youngster could want. The atmosphere was made alive with an uptown bowling alley, movie theatre, a Ben Franklin’s, library, public pool, sledding hills plus shopping.

I’m thrilled, during visits back to the 44001 homeland, the digs in 2023 a still fit the asterial ambiance of the Amherst Comets.

Outfit in Ed’s Gift Shop

While we all wait for the main attraction at St. Hazard’s, the pool, to return to the hue of the Mediterranean Sea; let’s turn our attention to another resort feature: the island gift shop. Inside one can typically not only hear the phone ring with eager travelers wanting to know how to reach the ferry; and even more importantly, potential guests wanting to know “how close is Put-in-Bay,” but the entrance area is loaded with gear to wear on site for an island experience.

A look at the prices of all items shown.

Note there isn’t any sticker shock. Shop away while maintenance shocks the pool. We are anticipating pristine pool water for another wonderful weekend ahead.

Performance Puffer

Photos by Erik Tyger

My love life consists mainly of workout dates, and meatless, cheeseless, dairy-free dates at Chipotle.

Holiday gifts picked out based on a loved one’s passions are always on point. Besides diamonds and import car parts there aren’t many trinkets I treasure more than sports gear and luxury fashion for fitness.

I have a sportaholic one hundred pound puppy, too.

Besides eating a sixty-five dollar MAC Kabuki brush and a Phillips Sonicare Diamond Head Toothbrush, he yanked my VS Black Packable Puffer, perfect for all athletic outings, off of a dining room chair. The zippered pocket transformed into his teething ring.

The Calvin Klein Black and White Performance Puffer is a complement to my Countdown to Christmas Holiday Buying Guide.

Shop the collection. I just stopped writing to wrap one up for a nice Army man who purchased one for his Polish girlfriend.

Snuggly Loungewear

Photos Erik Tyger

Swaddle in softness. The Ugg Sheepskin Pom Beanie I just threw some juice to is now sold out in the Cream and cotton-candy pink color combination. That said, I’m not going to stop suggesting appropriate and desirable stocking stuffer and other gift ideas suitable for any girlfriend, aunt, sister, cousin, ecetera. I’m also going to throw in one more plug for Ugg.

This Seashell Pink Duffield II Fleece Wrap Robe is ready to be wrapped in five different colors.

Add the Sparkle Over-the-Knee Knit Thigh Highs and plan to mark the calendar with “Plans to Stay in”.

There are four shopping days left before Christmas and fifteen before the gift giving officially wraps up with the Epiphany. Santa Clause Lane will shut down. I’m having fun. I hope you are enjoying The Spirit of the Season.

Haute Hat

Photos by Erik Tyger

A gift should be extravagant, needless and completely unnecessary. This Ugg Sheepskin Pom Beanie is all of those qualifiers. The uniqueness in this Ugg accessory lies in the real Sheepskin Pom colored a cheery, cotton candy pink.

Because of the forced label keep this fashionable fedora for use during backyard playtime, sledding, skiing and snowshoeing.

This season’s sombrero comes in three colors: cream, black and grey and sells for less than one hundred dollars. The item did when I first wrote this two days ago. Now, looks as thought the black is up for grabs which will match everything and anyone’s style.

Naveaux for Chanel

There is a familiar and ultra-glamorous face on the Coastal Ohio Trail who has entered the arena of luxury cosmetics. Her name is Leah Naveaux, a native of Huron who moved later in life to the Toledo bedroom community of Perrysburg. Her vivacious personality, talent and artistry has earned her the title of Resident Make-up Artist for Chanel.

Lipstick, Lumiere and Leah

I sat down with the polished pro to trade trade secrets about skincare, makeup, hair and the upcoming VIP Event all women should attend with their husband’s credit card, Scentsational.

The event is set for Saturday, May 4 at Dillard’s Franklin Park location in Northwest Ohio.

All the major brands in beauty will be represented. Leah and other makeup artists will be on hand to perform complete applications. This is the day and age where everyone is on camera, online all of the time. This is the perfect opportunity to learn tips from the pros and possibly walk away with some of the five-thousand dollars in raffle prizes up for taking.

Call 419-473-9600 to make an appointment with Leah or any of the other major brands owning this industry listed in the event flyer.

Go from bland to bam with this must-attend industry event.

Killer Kimono

Ladies love luxury loungewear.

Silk, satin, and spandex are materials designed to relax and recharge in because of the soft composition.

I own one pair of sweatpants. The kind all blogs warn against, the frumpy, old school kind with a drawstring tie at the top and elastic bands at the ankles.

They read “Guard” down the side in white atop of old red fabric.

Though vintage fashion at this juncture, unfit for consumption.

Even though a North Coast Winter was settling in and the Dillard’s loungewear department is loaded with the brand new Ugg Robes, blankets, socks, loungewear and leggings; my soul lies somewhere and anywhere South of Palm Beach.

I went straight for the skily, smooth texture and delicious feel of spandex and choose several of the kimonos by In Bloom by Jonquil.

I wear this one all of the time and was drawn to the black and white design so sleek for time in the city.

The sophisticated layout of the pattern puts me into work mode and the breathability of the fabric is on point for those ten to thirty minutes any woman spends with her hairdryer.

Polarized a new pair of shades

The latest piece of fashion I scored, I knew nothing about prior to them becoming mine — pair of tortoise shell Zoey sunglasses polarized with black and pink lenses.

I wanted new sunglasses, something snazzy, so this summer I began recycling, giving away and selling shades to make way.

When a store manager walked by and asked if there was anything I wanted from cosmetics or accessories I had just set the pair out to purchase that day.

Which just goes to show – the Spirit is always at work.

Score a pair at any Dillards on the mainland.

Dress Key West Duval Street, sandals – Kinos Key West and all photos by Steven Drescher.



Fruit Fashion even avocados

This past Labor Day 2018 Weekend everyone was rocking the vintage fashion of fruit. Saturday night at dinner, set at Osaka – a Hibachi Grill and Sushi Bar, a young man in our party was partaking in the merriment wearing a button down collared shirt plastered in avocados.

The woman in a pew in front of me in Mass wore a shirt loaded with lemons.

To take on Key West of the North, South Bass Island, for late night Labor Day dinner, dress was festive and a garment covered in ripe bananas proclaimed to the world, “I’m off today.”

Laboring on an island and laboring in a factory is like comparing avocados to bananas. Nonetheless, everyone’s contribution makes the country great from educators to car salesmen to those cleaning the island vacation rentals.  Celebrate and keep chasing, or living the dream.