Magnum Opus of Outerwear

First Daughter Fashion

Pictures: Steven Drescher

I own two pieces of fashion with the First Daughter’s name, Ivanka Trump, sewn on the label.

The coat I wear to workouts, running errands, walking Lake Erie’s Lab Pup and to other ultra-casual outings, isn’t durable or fashionable to withstand the public’s eye or icebox elements.

I have a fear of falling on ice, and one of bruising a butt cheek (I did this years ago and the area is still holding on to a lot of pain). Factor in a fear of looking frumpy when the Great Lakes region shows its glacial beginnings.

The bottoms buttons and I can truly sit outside with the hood up content as a bunny rabbit without any of the gelid conditions getting into my South Florida-born bones.

Confidence in the cold.

Winter Blast: Boots to Wear

shoe statement in the snow

All pics: Steven Drescher

Some cold weather dernier cri can create as much drool from the mouths of aficionados of the arctic element fashion world as an icicle dripping from their home’s rain gutter.

That would be me when I laid eyes on the Ugg Valberg Fur-Cuffed Boots in the Dillard’s showroom.

I even picked up the phone, called, The Sole Man, John Brandolino on Duval Street in Key West, and told him, “I have to have these boots. I need a favor.”

So swankey, yet designed for the snow. Two pairs of heavy wool socks fit nicely inside the design.

Here is why:

  • Rich suede uppers with a plush Toscana sheepskin cuff at top
  • Features a fixed strap with hardware at top rear
  • Partial medial side zipper for an easy on-and-off
  • Soft and breathable leather linings
  • Soft and breathable, leather-lined PORON® and foam cushioned footbed for all-day comfort
  • Durable crepe-like rubber wedge and outsole

If one is going to live near the Great Lakes, one needs great outfits to take on the outdoors. Plus, there’s the matching gear to sharpen the style of this formidable and oh-so fashionable snow shoe.

Killer Kimono

Ladies love luxury loungewear.

Silk, satin, and spandex are materials designed to relax and recharge in because of the soft composition.

I own one pair of sweatpants. The kind all blogs warn against, the frumpy, old school kind with a drawstring tie at the top and elastic bands at the ankles.

They read “Guard” down the side in white atop of old red fabric.

Though vintage fashion at this juncture, unfit for consumption.

Even though a North Coast Winter was settling in and the Dillard’s loungewear department is loaded with the brand new Ugg Robes, blankets, socks, loungewear and leggings; my soul lies somewhere and anywhere South of Palm Beach.

I went straight for the skily, smooth texture and delicious feel of spandex and choose several of the kimonos by In Bloom by Jonquil.

I wear this one all of the time and was drawn to the black and white design so sleek for time in the city.

The sophisticated layout of the pattern puts me into work mode and the breathability of the fabric is on point for those ten to thirty minutes any woman spends with her hairdryer.

Packing for Paris

Packing proper fashion for photos with the Eiffel Tour and The Louvre as the backdrop can pose a problem even for the savvy traveler. I pulled this off and as fast as one can say, “Bonjour,” I had a carry-on suitcase and duffel bag loaded with the lux essentials, the number one being — an calf length fur coat.

Here’s what I took to hit The Louvre, Eiffel Tour and a lot of dining centered around Champagne.

In my suitcase I rolled up two workout outfits, two pairs of jeans, lounge clothes, over-the-knee boots, Nikeys, socks, a skirt, panty hose, a dress shirt, a sequined dress, packable poncho and a classic L.L. Bean polo.

Here is the twenty inch TravelPro Platinum Elite from Dillard’s. Priced at over three-hundred dollars, this suitcase can go the distance. Mine is over twelve years old.

In my carry-on weekend bag I rolled up that long, thick fur coat and stuffed the mink on the bottom. Then placed all of my Estee Lauder Cosmetics and hair tools on top.

I don’t travel anywhere without Estee Lauder’s travel size super tiny 45 ML Triple Action Cleanser/Toner/Makeup Remover that sells for just ten dollars.

This carry-on Travel-Pro Smart Duffel is oh-so sleek and only about two-hundred dollars.

My iPhone 6-Plus, passport, cash, ID, credit and debit cards went in a cross-body purse.

Something similar to this Vince Camuto design now ON SALE at Dillard’s.

I can sell and ship any of these items to you if you’re planning a trip in the U.S., Florida Keys or abroad. With Everything safely secured, I didn’t have to check any of my belongings with the chance they would be lost, and I’d be lost in Paris without a wardrobe.

I was there for three days. I use the same luggage for two to three weeks trips to the Tropics. Swimwear and sun dresses roll up with ease. I swap out the fur for my beloved Cressi Pluma Pull-Foot Fins from Divers Direct.