Into the water and onto the courts yoga studios are not all you'll see

Pics by Denise DeCrow and Travis Yednak

There is a notable fitness segment in the show, Josie in Paradise, and on my website. We do hit a couple of yoga studios straight off of the bat for local shoots; but definitely know this, we are not going to to stop with showing only a yoga or Pilates studio. Remember being immersed with me in The Dive Report with Divers Direct.

This segment is sure to submerse us all, including myself, into a wondrous and adventurous world.

Here’s what to expect: most of us don’t think about how many calories are burned in a batting cage.

Or, realize the swim training involved if the desire is to dive into ocean depths at one-hundred and twenty feet plus.

How about tumbling and tennis?

Have zero fear, the fitness segment is going to educate the masses from everything from “Birdie Girl Golf” to the Oriental Martial Arts Studio. Make space for a sports locker and plan to start ditching your desk for some activity.


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