Ocean Exploration and the Ego

I “won” a Malibu and soda this summer at one of my pool haunts.

The air pump was down; or no where to be found (I can’t recall which), and I set up shop in a lounge chair and added air via my own two lungs.

Unbeknownst to me the local women at the pool bar put their pennies down and bet the local men I would be able to inflate the SUNNYLiFE circular sensation (filled with glitter).

Needless to say I won; and was given the opportunity to boast of my water logged resume. We quickly turned the topic to OceanGate; a global news tragedy I am captivated with. After spending two summers in SCUBA gear with this outfit the question is posed as to why anyone would opt to risk their life.

My reasons are the same as the adventure explorers on the submersible which made waves with the phrase we all now know: implosion, taking the lives of everyone inside.

Number one is ocean exploration; and then, there is the almighty ego.

At this point in my life my ego has drown; and life is blissful. My lungs are intact and working wonderfully now that I’ve given up oak milk. I’ll take my pool floats, books, snorkel gear, swimwear, cabana, dry sand, pool tile, master’s swim workouts and jumping in to assist with the kids’ swim lessons over life-threatening depths, chasing ocean creatures and seasickness.

Let’s enjoy what’s left of summer now that the sun has started to fade before 9 p.m.