Price for Self-Esteem fitness not fashion ... what !?!?!

Workouts are supposed to be fun. Dress for them! During my years as a local news anchor the news director had me begin to pen a series Josie Koler’s Notebook. In Sample Script No. 4 I outline the problems I had with Mercy Medical Center touting a new program Fitness Not Fashion. Over one decade ago I write feeling appalled a health organization would encourage those who made their New Year’s Resolution to workout not to splurge on proper clothes and attire.

Au contraire I concluded making the following points:

  1. Working out produces seratonin
  2. Enchanting ensembles make one smile
  3. Exercise is an investment

In addition, the incorrect or incorrect clothing and gear is a determining factor in all sports in how easily one moves and once you work up a sweat whether or not you can keep going. Constrictive clothing and gear won’t allow one to.

Some pics Photog and Photojournalist Kim Kidinger captured this summer season. Smile, feel good, and know you can buy self-esteem. Sometimes this happens in the form of exercise gear.

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