EPISODE I: Hotel Amenities at Freshwater Retreat outdoor shower, hot tub & massage

Now that you’ve experienced Freshwater Retreat here are the minute details which aren’t so minute. The amenities offered are worth noting. Besides the linens being organic and the property having an extensive library here is what one will find: mint-infused water. The mint is grown on the grounds.

There’s a steam shower inside next to the two bottom floor bedrooms, another bathroom upstairs and an outdoor shower for those who want to excite their senses.

Organic spa slippers and robes are readily available for guests as they make their way around the 1860s home and outside to the patio and hot tub.

Most notably, the property houses a wellness center as featured in the Lake Erie Spa segment. Owner and Operator of Freshwater Retreat & Remedies Christie Ontko specifically stresses though that her wellness center is not a “spa” per say. There isn’t a list of spa services such as applying eyelash extensions, hair coloring, manis and pedis, plus waxing and other common practices available on the mainland.

Inside the OntkOrganix building adjacent to the retreat where guests can stay, there is a delightful array of wellness material and services.

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