JK PR Sales & Design

Josie Koler is the CEO of her own Boutique Public Relations company, offering new and old media + print, broadcast and digital media needs to clients.

Media Relations

print, online, press tours, broadcast, radio

Social Media

plan development, establishment of key channels, development of brand voice, graphic creation, supplied shortened links to videos, creation of YouTube Channels, sharing and re-tweets

Media Events

theme ideas, sponsorship, promotional product and apparel design, press plan development, development of key messaging, event promotion + coverage, slideshows + captions (added graphics)

Brand Styling

identity consultation ( logo, website design, copywriting, print and electronic materials), brand alignment and strategic partnerships

Promotional Apparel and Product Design and Pricing

 frisbees to pens, coolers and tank tops

Interested in working with JK PR Sales & Design

contact: [email protected]



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