Love Breaks All Rules sleeping beauty

“I love you so much!”

I wake up to the love notes stuck on the bathroom mirror. But, bedtime is the key to beauty. The number one way to stay fresh faced and of fresh, sharp mind  — sleep. I am set and ready for bed every night right around 10:30 p. I don’t fall asleep right away.. I do though center myself in the middle of my Heavenly Bed, with the door shut, window shades drawn with four inches of down beneath me, another four inches of goose feathers on top making a cloud-like sandwich with crisp, white sheets. I recharge and I repair.Every single night, after a shower or bath, I place a dropper full of the world’s number one night serum: Advanced Night Repair with Chronolux CB, on my face, neck, and across my chest to my shoulders to repair skin cells that didn’t repair due to lack of sleep. I get my Zs too, so I am doubling up on damage control. ANR is also loaded with hyaluronic acid to lock in and boost moisture one thousand times.



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