Scentsational Fall 2018 a sensational beauty event

There is glam and then there is Hollywood Glam. The theme of this year’s Dillard’s cosmetics department’s Fall 2018 Scentsational VIP event is Hollywood. The red carpet will be rolled out for makeup artists representing the top names in global beauty and over five thousand dollars of luxury skincare, makeup, fragrance and accessories will be raffled off as prizes for those who qualify.

* Each one hundred dollar purchase qualifies for one entry. In addition, that customer will be given twenty dollars in Dillard’s Beauty Rewards.

Plus, each customer who buys or reserves items anytime between now and November 17, 2018, the event date, will be given a free holiday cosmetics case filled with product.

The Estee Lauder case will contain:

? Full Size Sumptuous Extreme Mascara

? Deluxe Sample Reviltalizing Supreme Moisturizer

? Deluxe Sample Advanced Night Repair

The lips can be removed and placed strategically to another part of the case and the zipper is adorned with a lipstick and fragrance bottle. The color scheme, texture, sequins and design will carry any woman of any age over into Valentine’s Day 2019.

Only at Dillard’s Franklin Park Mall.

To see this year’s number one “Gifts of Wonder” click here. To view the Estee Lauder raffle basket and contents, including two Kate Spade gold plated champagne flutes, click here. To read the Estee Lauder #LoveBreaksAllRules campaign go here.

Gifts of Wonder Blockbuster in stores

The most talked about and sought-after beauty buy of the year is in luxury department stores. Estee Lauder’s annual Holiday Blockbuster. This year’s “Gifts of Wonder” features A ultra-stylish and festive, red makeup traincase.

The scalloped handle is set off with a commemorative, faux, gold coin tassle embossed with a carousel. Here are this year’s contents.

The warm, earthy tones feature the Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lip Glosses in Seductive Honey and Flirtatious Magenta. The lipsticks are:

? Intense Nude

? Envious

? Complex

The Eye and Cheek Palettes coordinate.

The only item given this holiday more glamourous, limited and exclusive is a trip to the Seychelles. This cosmetic wonder is just the correct carry-on for an unforgettable Holiday 2018.

Call me to order.

419-862-7143 Northcoast

305-395-8890 South Florida

BONUS: The Estee Lauder “Gifts of Wonder” can be set aside for the pre-holiday VIP Beauty Invite of the year, Scentsational, only at Dillard’s. Click here for this beauty world blog.

A preview of the Estee Lauder raffle prize:

Truly is the season to be merry and surrounded by the finest life has to offer.

The time to Get Gorgeous is now.