Fight with The Flu food and rest over Rx

Long time no chat. Zero blog. Barely any videos. Pretty much a lack of anything resembling Paradise coming from my little world. I returned from my birthday weekend in Paris sick — with the flu. What I didn’t show was me lying back in the booth at the north coast birthday bash at about sixty-five percent heath wondering when exactly I’d be back in my pajamas — in my bed.

I couldn’t get on tv, didn’t remember how to write and the thought of dipping down on a yoga mat into a Chaturanga seemed a distant, faded memory of my youth that once embodied health.

For weeks on end I had zero ability to comprehend having any strength.

After feeding on ten cans of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup (which makes me gag) and picking out the components considered “chicken” I opted to feast my way out  of the flu, not medicate. Down went pizzas, sorbet, and ice cream. I chugged over one dozen Gatorades in flavors only from the nineties, and drank three, two liters of fizz and sugar labeled 7Up. Then, I decided pouring the bubbly lemon lime pop atop of more chocolate chip ice cream would taste heavenly in addition to giving me the energy of a humming bird. I added a couple of layered chocolate cakes into my diet, and went about as much business as possible: Proud I refused the flu shot, antibiotics and every element of western medicine; and, …ta-da my Flu Feast took me directly up to Ash Wednesday and almost through Estee Lauder’s Spring #FlyMetoSantorini 

We all know what the season means. Time to focus. Let the next battle begin where we can all gain more strength than ever before. Pics by Kim Kindinger