Unerring Competition up against enhancement

Pictures by Kim Kidinger

The conversations have erupted across the east coast of the United States. Trust me I hear about them from aunts in Palm Beach to my dad’s girlfriend in small town Ohio. The swimwear photos that have been taken of me over the past decade are this and they are that and so-and-so had a conversation about the photo at this family gathering….

To which I kindly refer to the insight I was given early in my television career:  

In the media business the audience is given a plethora of white static personalities to watch. These pros play the game safely in line with industry standards and mimicking moves their counterparts lacking creativity are making. Let’s examine Instagram sensation Tash Oakley for 10 seconds. She allows me to make two points.

1.) She did not play the game “safe”

2.) She is twenty years my junior, and admits to photoshopping her not-so-perfect physique.

We DO occasionally remove the lines and circles around my eyes. If a body part peeks out of a bikini we erase the goods we don’t want the public seeing. This isn’t Playboy. This is Paradise. Plus, when workout bra tan lines ruin the ambiance of an image we shade in uneven skin tone.

Josie in Paradise is about living well, and being an overall achiever realizing dreams. A healthy physique represents smart living and is earned as is everything else in life — with sweat. Only the naysayers, the critics, the liars, the posers and the groupies are gonna hate on health. True health lies in physical, emotional and psychological well-being. Plus healthy finances.

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