Get a Grip Sperry Shoe Summer 2018 Edition

Photos by Bo, Miller Boatline

The brand Sperry embodies a summer spent on, near and around the water. Even more importantly, Sperry is all about being and looking fuss-free while all the while fashionable onboard the boat.

The construction even makes muah — yes me ladies and gentlemen, look practical.

When the store manager at Dillards gave me access, well to the entire store and a fifty dollar spending limit, my soul sniffed out a Lake Erie lifestyle essential I knew I’d be living in all summer long, a pair of Sperry Haven Chambray Lace Ups.

Deliciously designed with string rawhide laces and a non-marking rubber outsole with (trademark) Razor-cut Wave-Siping to disperse water for the ultimate wet/dry traction, I did not have to search far for why Sperry shoes make the statement “I can navigate an island chain and I’m going to accomplish this via boat.”

Resort owner and developer of the most Lake Erie Island vacation rentals Ed Gudenas put his best foot — and shoe —  forward and was wearing a pair along with his logo gear while hosting the ladies from Lake Erie Shores and Islands.

The ladies themselves, took in the Caribbean-style 21-acre resort and lakefront property outfit comfortably in this decadent deck shoe. 

The day we boarded the Miller Boatline with Lake Erie’s Lab Pup, stowaway Don Massey had his peds crammed into a pair of Columbia’s…cuz he was only mixing up his footwear. The day before he had on his favorite pair of blue Sperrys and had this to say.

“They fit so nice and they’re comfortable and they got enough arch where my feet don’t get tired after ten hours on this boat with these guys,” Massey made it clear the shoe appeals to all age groups, the guys and the gals,  and with that — went in for some affection from our four-legged travel companion.

You’ve seen the pup showin’ off Sperrys before in 2016.

In 2017 we unleashed the low-down on the ferry ridin’ footwear at the edge of Ohio’s Mainland where all vacationers board the Miller Boatline.

#rockmyboat fashion now comes in the oh-so trendy shade of Rose.

This is a collaboration between thre real estate and lifestyle television show and accompanying blog Josie in Paradise, JK PR Sales and Design, the Miller Boatline, Dillards, Estee Lauder, and St Hazards Waterfront Resort and Brewery.

Want the correct makeup for the islands … simply save the contouring for the city — Rock Everyone’s Boat with the Global Cult Favorite Estee Lauder’s Goddess Collection.

Josie has access to the two hundred style count Sperry Shoe collection at Dillards, the Estee Lauder vault of lux skincare and cosmetics, the two bars of exotic rum on MBI and the island vaction rentals. Call 419-862-7143 on the North Coast to buy and for more information. The South Florida number is 305-395-8890.


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