Anti-Industry Elements on MBI

Hurray! Time to celebrate all that time at the grind. St. Hazards on Middle Bass Island, Lake Erie provides the laid back land for anyone looking to escape the punch of the time clock with a Pina Colada. Make that a Pina Colada with a Captain Morgan Spiced Rum Float. Besides lounge chairs, a full menu, campground and fire pits, the property, nestled a fifty minute ferry ride out into Lake Erie, sells, serves, or rents all of the other fundamentals to make forgetting about slaving away simple.

The anti-slog list is straightforward. A straw hat from the gift shop.

A MBI bracelet from the gift shop, and a coconut to showcase the selection of Caribbean Rum cocktails.

Golf carts and beach cruiser bicycles are also for rent. The Panama Jack hat and ballcap add to the island ambiance of anti-industry.

Banana dress and Sperrys my own. The sweat and servitude can stay on the mainland where they belong. See everyone poolside to mark Labor Day Weekend 2020.

Bon Islander by boat, by ferry or cute little pudde jumper

My island client met me at 8 am at his waterfront condos and told me if I wanted to leave the island I needed to find “Bill” and go by jet ski — or take the plane.

I was onboard the “Bon Islander” by 9:30 am.

A vacation to the Lake Erie Islands, especially Middle Bass Island, is called, marketed and deemed as an “Adventure Vacation”.

419-285-6121 to book a reservation. This 21-acre Caribbean-style resort does not resemble Sandals.

Call 419-734-5400 to come by plane.


Fruit Fashion even avocados

This past Labor Day 2018 Weekend everyone was rocking the vintage fashion of fruit. Saturday night at dinner, set at Osaka – a Hibachi Grill and Sushi Bar, a young man in our party was partaking in the merriment wearing a button down collared shirt plastered in avocados.

The woman in a pew in front of me in Mass wore a shirt loaded with lemons.

To take on Key West of the North, South Bass Island, for late night Labor Day dinner, dress was festive and a garment covered in ripe bananas proclaimed to the world, “I’m off today.”

Laboring on an island and laboring in a factory is like comparing avocados to bananas. Nonetheless, everyone’s contribution makes the country great from educators to car salesmen to those cleaning the island vacation rentals.  Celebrate and keep chasing, or living the dream.

Get a Grip Sperry Shoe Summer 2018 Edition

Photos by Bo, Miller Boatline

The brand Sperry embodies a summer spent on, near and around the water. Even more importantly, Sperry is all about being and looking fuss-free while all the while fashionable onboard the boat.

The construction even makes muah — yes me ladies and gentlemen, look practical.

When the store manager at Dillards gave me access, well to the entire store and a fifty dollar spending limit, my soul sniffed out a Lake Erie lifestyle essential I knew I’d be living in all summer long, a pair of Sperry Haven Chambray Lace Ups.

Deliciously designed with string rawhide laces and a non-marking rubber outsole with (trademark) Razor-cut Wave-Siping to disperse water for the ultimate wet/dry traction, I did not have to search far for why Sperry shoes make the statement “I can navigate an island chain and I’m going to accomplish this via boat.”

Resort owner and developer of the most Lake Erie Island vacation rentals Ed Gudenas put his best foot — and shoe —  forward and was wearing a pair along with his logo gear while hosting the ladies from Lake Erie Shores and Islands.

The ladies themselves, took in the Caribbean-style 21-acre resort and lakefront property outfit comfortably in this decadent deck shoe. 

The day we boarded the Miller Boatline with Lake Erie’s Lab Pup, stowaway Don Massey had his peds crammed into a pair of Columbia’s…cuz he was only mixing up his footwear. The day before he had on his favorite pair of blue Sperrys and had this to say.

“They fit so nice and they’re comfortable and they got enough arch where my feet don’t get tired after ten hours on this boat with these guys,” Massey made it clear the shoe appeals to all age groups, the guys and the gals,  and with that — went in for some affection from our four-legged travel companion.

You’ve seen the pup showin’ off Sperrys before in 2016.

In 2017 we unleashed the low-down on the ferry ridin’ footwear at the edge of Ohio’s Mainland where all vacationers board the Miller Boatline.

#rockmyboat fashion now comes in the oh-so trendy shade of Rose.

This is a collaboration between thre real estate and lifestyle television show and accompanying blog Josie in Paradise, JK PR Sales and Design, the Miller Boatline, Dillards, Estee Lauder, and St Hazards Waterfront Resort and Brewery.

Want the correct makeup for the islands … simply save the contouring for the city — Rock Everyone’s Boat with the Global Cult Favorite Estee Lauder’s Goddess Collection.

Josie has access to the two hundred style count Sperry Shoe collection at Dillards, the Estee Lauder vault of lux skincare and cosmetics, the two bars of exotic rum on MBI and the island vaction rentals. Call 419-862-7143 on the North Coast to buy and for more information. The South Florida number is 305-395-8890.


EPISODE II Spoonful: is a cupful we're behind the bar! at Joe's Bar spicin' it up

There are instances in life, and on photo shoots, and after interviews where one just grabs for the bottle of Abolsut Peppar and shows the nation one reason why South Bass Island puts the spice in life. We were sent to Joe’s Bar to uncover the lowdown on their twist to a tomato based favorite. The Bloody Mary mix is homemade and includes some worcestershire sauce…

“…and I’ll say the drink has some horseradish but I’m not saying anything else,” manager Marissa Petroff plays up the mystery.

Before grabbing the bottles, pouring, mixing and adding garnish to the mid-day-meal-in-a-cup we sat down and spoke with one of the co-owners islander Brad Olemacher.

The televised broadcast of Josie in Paradise will be determined in October as emergency crews work to restore power and water to South Florida and the Florida Keys. The regularly scheduled program time is 9:30 p on AT&T U-Verse WEYW Channel 19 airing from Key West to Boca Raton. You can always watch here and nationwide on the Ohio X5 ROKU channel. 


Episode II Fitness: Beach Cruiser unfurl from a fury of activity

Easy breezy summer days are exceptionally serene when approached atop a beach cruiser bicycle. There isn’t any headache over trying to find a place to park and unless earbuds are in and there isn’t a stereo to shake up the placid peace. Again and again bicycling proves to be a Shangri-la mode of transport. To shoot Episode I we ventured onto South Bass Island with a bomber aboard the ferry and headed to the town hall for Hatha Yoga with Kathi Spayde.  An effortless cruiser fits every island escape.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

David Stover, the service manager at Fremont Cycle and Fitness readied the ride. “What you did was the basic which was a sixty-five dollar tune. That goes over truing the wheels, checking the shifting, putting the brakes in proper order and a light clean-up on the bike. That’s good for what you’re doing.”

Stover shared this in Josie in Paradise, Episode II about pedaling for a better fettle.

Josie in Paradise can be viewed every Sunday at 9:30 p on AT&T U-Verse from Key West to the Florida Keys, across the nation via ROKU on the Ohio X5 Channel, and here.

Episode II: F A S H I O N shoe that intoxicates with tread

The style started when skilled sailor, Paul Sperry, fell overboard. Inspired by the paws of his Cocker Spaniel, who he noticed didn’t slip in snowy or icy conditions, Sperry knew he needed a split shoe sole. One which was white to prevent marks from being left on the boat’s deck. The first patent of the non-slip shoe was marked in 1920 by John Sipe. He applied the technique to Sperry’s and the first sailor’s show emerged in 1935. Over 80 years later, crowds still tout the tread and swoon over the Sperry Style.

Josie in Paradise can be seen ever Sunday at 9:30 p on AT&T U-Verse from Key West to Boca Raton, through any ROKU Box via the Ohio X5 Channel, and here.

EPISODE I: Hotel Amenities at Freshwater Retreat outdoor shower, hot tub & massage

Now that you’ve experienced Freshwater Retreat here are the minute details which aren’t so minute. The amenities offered are worth noting. Besides the linens being organic and the property having an extensive library here is what one will find: mint-infused water. The mint is grown on the grounds.

There’s a steam shower inside next to the two bottom floor bedrooms, another bathroom upstairs and an outdoor shower for those who want to excite their senses.

Organic spa slippers and robes are readily available for guests as they make their way around the 1860s home and outside to the patio and hot tub.

Most notably, the property houses a wellness center as featured in the Lake Erie Spa segment. Owner and Operator of Freshwater Retreat & Remedies Christie Ontko specifically stresses though that her wellness center is not a “spa” per say. There isn’t a list of spa services such as applying eyelash extensions, hair coloring, manis and pedis, plus waxing and other common practices available on the mainland.

Inside the OntkOrganix building adjacent to the retreat where guests can stay, there is a delightful array of wellness material and services.

Josie in Paradise airs every Sunday night at 9:30 on At&t UVerse from Key West to Boca Raton, on Ohio’s X5 Roku Channel, and here.

EPISODE I: Real Estate The Banyan Cove Phase I $165,00 boutique condo near Put-in-Bay

There are realtors and then there’s the real deal. Some realtors just want to take your money. Some truly want others to find the perfect place to rest their head. These ladies and gentlemen will steer buyers away from shoddy construction, poor location, and a move which could potentially be a financial blunder.

These are the business leaders one must seek out.

Let me help you. Truth and Rob Lenthe are synonymous. He is the realtor with Truth First Realty and this guy is the real deal. He’s personable, has work ethic, knows the Lake Erie Islands, knows Ohio’s Vacationland, has tons of friends and even more connections, and wants to see business happen and make people feel good about the deals they enter. Myself, and the entire show crew,  like this guy.

Right now this gem of a guy, has a gem of a listing anyone can buy.

He jumped on board with us to showcase a one-bedroom, one-bathroom boutique condo nestled in the middle South Bass Island. This island off the coast of Ohio in Lake Erie that contains the summer hot spot of Put-in-Bay. The place was about the same size as my first cottage in Key West across the street from the iconic Marquesa Hotel.

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Banyan Cove Phase I is one-year old. This ground-level unit is being shown at a reduced price of $165,000. The interior flaunts Lake Erie high fashion elements and artwork indicative of the locale. The furnishings can be negotiated.

“The key selling point is location,” Lenthe supplies, “you’re within two blocks of downtown and less than one half of a mile to the airport and a golf cart ride to the ferry. This is central.”

Watch the interview with Lenthe inside the condo unit which aired on Episode I of Josie in Paradise.

You can view Josie in Paradise every Sunday at 9:30 on At&t UVerse from Key West to Boca Raton, on Ohio’s X5 Roku Channel and here.

Feb 26: National Tell a Fairy Tale Day pr & pourin' rum

All pics Steven Drescher
Dress, by Daftbird Wild Lily Boutique MM 82 Oceanside Islamorada

I’m not going to get into the details of the face wrinkles I accumulated in my 20s after being handed over a newsroom devoid of a night side reporter, photographer, co-anchor and/or a producer.

I believed, at the time, the bromidic work involved was sui generis to the broadcasting industry. I did not have, or have had any intent to work that hard. Ever. In my life. I thought other “labor” was appropriately appropriate for attorneys, and the blue collar sector that includes: welders, plumbers, pipe fitters and construction workers.

I moved to an island in 2009 because I was ready to cash in on my fairy tale existence.

On the island (of Key West) I had the vision I would sit in an office as mellow as a champagne sunset sail around the island, fly under the radar, cobble together a loose column on occasion (when I felt like doing so)  and that clients, readers and customers would show up voluntarily with their ideas sketched out on what they wanted for marketing and promoting their own business.

I was wrong. In wrong town. On the other side of the planet. There were more tears melded into that entrepreneurial venture that sweat generated from the tropical heat. An aunt supplied me with a card last month which brought laughter and a stream of tears to my eyes:

A Birthday Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a princess who was like a size four or something. She could eat and drink whatever she wanted and always stayed really skinny and had flat, firm abs even though she never went to the gym. Every time she tried on jeans, the very first pair fit perfectly and made her butt look amazing. She lived in a great, big, beautiful castle with her handsome, multimillionaire husband, who was busy all the time buying her giant diamonds, taking her to Hawaii, giving her foot massages, and telling her how beautiful she was. 

My three occasions of early retirement have shown me the Fairy Tale isn’t as fun as connecting the business dots. For summer 2016 I wanted to develop and build business relationships on the Lake Erie Islands. The ferry launch is thirty minutes from one of my hometowns and a childhood home. Business on the beach in my backyard it was and will be for 2017.


I took off approximately two days in August, one in July and a couple here and there in June. When I am the voice of reason, on an island with more bottles of rum than a life jackets there is going to be a haul to write about.

Short of the story is — I worked (some) sixteen and seventeen hour days that dragged on to weeks on end. I had one goal — to develop business relationships with the island business owners. Quitting, calling in, missing the ferry, forgetting to show up and playing hooky across the lake at Put-in-Bay wasn’t an option.

America belongs to the worker, to the visionaries, to the business men and women who don’t take less than one-hundred and ten percent from anyone they interface with. The country is built on sweat. Not the day dreamer or the employee doing as little as possible. Fairy Tales don’t exist, and if they do…as outlined above the ending leaves little legacy.

One day, she was eaten by a dragon, and no one cared.