Airing from Key West to Boca Raton show shot 30 miles from Canada

Compartmentalizing one’s entrepreneurial venture is never an easy task. The concept of my show started while I was the Bureau Chief for a local newspaper. Back then I cared about my title. I needed a title. I wasn’t sure if the title even fit so I grabbed a copy of Vogue and scanned the brag list to see what kinds of “bureau chiefs” the global publication listed. Even after seeing them in London, New York and Brussels I wasn’t satisfied.

I did have the cutest toddler in tow.

But, that path led me directly to where I am today hosting a new lifestyle show. After working with chamber executives, the public, curious friends and family, and advertisers for over two decades I determined this is what viewers mobs of viewers want to see. The people they do business with!  Fishing, boating and some local good news you can find elsewhere. We shot the first episodes on Ohio’s north coast with possible plans to expand nationwide.

Josie in Paradise, the show chock full of Real Estate, Hotels, Hotel Amenities, Fashion, Fitness, Spas and Dining + Business airs every Sunday night at 9:30 on At&t UVerse in the Florida Keys to Boca Raton and on the Ohio X5 Roku Channel.

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