Paradise josie koler est. 1977

This is the first and the last post about muah. Me, me, me. Today’s my birthday and I did not conduct an interview for this latest news report. I spent the day, on day three, traveling across the country from the Florida Keys to Ohio’s North Coast.

Today on my birthday, Josie in Paradise was born. An interactive information site about the fabulous lifestyle from Cleveland and the North Coast, where the water is unsalted. Then, to Key West and the Florida Keys where the salt life rages.  My plan is about to unfold.

The company bears my name but, after this, the site won’t be about me. I’m just your host.

The stories will either be about you, or effect you.

Two systems of islands. Two bodies of water. Two cultures and two lifestyles. One 90 miles to Cuba, the other 30 miles to Canada.

I could, at any point, settle down on either location. Or, I can keep growing and expanding. There is one more location I do have in mind.

When time is of the essence we all need information that improves quality of life. Words that enlighten, inform, and entertain. Stories about your friends, your family and people you do business with; plus, photographs that inspire and tag lines that light a fire where the energy flow has become static. Video and social media posts to bring every aspect together.

This is where business meets broadcasting, broadcasting meets the beach and entrepreneurialism takes a twist.

Most of us are seeking the same information: how to see any place and situation with the perspective of Paradise, and overcome all of the obstacles we didn’t plan. There certainly have been some wild and fast ones I did not see coming.

I’ll be exercising some patience as I figure out how to work my way around my OWN NEW SITE! Business is person to person. In 2016 be ready to showcase some talents.

Remember…be humble; and at the same time also, use your gifts to shine like the tropical sun!

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