Seashells for South Fla Moms

A two and a half hour flight out of Detroit or Cleveland and a two and a half hour drive to an island south of Miami lands me at my mom’s. She recently departed from her estate on Ohio’s north coast.

The new guest room has cute seashells. After all of the planing, boating and pulse of the tropical sun I am zapped. There I can toss on a long sleeve shirt, fuzzy socks and can take an afternoon siesta in the sheets.

Once recharged guests can throw on swimwear, grab a beach hat, a towel and head over to the pool for some r&r.

Soda Pup likes to greet guests at the gate.

Fifty miles more of US 1 and a trip across the seven mile bridge puts everyone on the island of Key West. Fun nights with my mom around the corner from my old loft included drag queen entertainment.

She wants to start driving the boat.

I’ll Drive the Boat

New for 2020. My mom wants to learn how to drive the boat.

“…so guys can scuba dive.”

For me, “that adventure has passed. My lungs are still intact. I’ll snorkel and sun myself onboard.”

Celebrate your mom’s personality and her spirit whether her’s is for sunshine, ocean, books and music (my mom); or, maybe she likes flowers, candy and fancy sandals (not my mom).

We did put away this heart shaped box of candies on Valentine’s Day.

The boat’s docked in the backyard behind the saltwater pool next door.