Threads of Fall 2016 Chief Wahoo and anything and everything The Tribe

Pictures by Steven Drescher

At the inception of this website I never thought in the wildest of baseball pitches that a fashion piece would be written about Cleveland Indians gear.

This year Chief Wahoo and the jersey isn’t a Halloween costume. The controversial Indian, feathered and ready for an on-the-field battle, is a wardrobe staple.

Easily worn running errands, out-and-about in high heels, to work and anywhere to play.



(The Indian only controversial due to the sensationalism of local media).

Those who grew up with the emblem feel nothing but joy and pride upon seeing the grin bearing logotype. Even during the lackluster years played out dismally in the 80s at Municipal Stadium.

This hour, with The Tribe ahead of the Chicago Cubs in the 2016 World Series three games to one, the sporty-style is more slick than an Andrew Miller slider.

The more the Wahoo, the more WOW!


Forgotten gear given as holiday gifts in years past which hung in the closet with the tags still attached for two decades or more, is being resurrected and worn into the white-collar office with honor.

img_03671img_03661In Ohio’s sports town, surrounding suburbs, outlying rural areas and islands, Chief Wahoo and all who are draped in his costume-like likeness sporting the 2016 roster of Kipnis, Crisp, Kluber and Lindor are on a mission: for this team to bring home another championship to The Land.

Fashion Note: wearing heels to Progressive Stadium is a fashion faux pas. In fact, that move would be as embarrassing as Ross fumbling a fastball. What to wear on those peds to Progressive … the story from the streets of Cleveland right here.



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