FORWARD: Prajna Consciousness Sanskrit, US Marine lingo and other vocab defined

I’m starting to break down the 33-acre energy field nestled on 500-acres of family farm on Route 51 on the Coastal Ohio Trail.

This location popped up on my iPhone6 screen with two taps of the MindBody app. I entered “Explore”, “Fitness”, then “Yoga”. The screen led me to Prajna Consciousness and after two attempts to locate the property on the west side outskirts of Genoa, Ohio, I knew there was a story.

The studio sits against vast fields.
The studio sits against vast fields.

A trip down the unpaved driveway leads visitors and yogis to their journey before they can put the car in park and turn the ignition off.

How fitting to work on this piece on June 21, 2016 International Yoga Day 2016.

Before we delve into the deep discussion of consciousness, energy fields, the students and the owner, Heather Zeller, I feel a lesson in the lingo of the land of yoga, Sanskrit, associated with the country of India dating back 6,000 years, is an absolute necessity.

Explains Zeller, “Sanskrit is the oldest language on the planet and is also based off of mathematics and vibration. The sounds are not necessarily based on phonics. There is an energetic principal that lies in Sanskrit.”

Plus, one of the students I will profile is a former U.S. Marine
Plus, one of the students I will profile is a former U.S. Marine

I felt her terminology, too, is necessary to expand on.

Prajna Consciousness Dictionary

Bhagavad Gita: a 700-verse Hindu scripture that presents the synthesis of the concept of Dharma. Ancient Indian text written between 400 and 200 BC as a guide to spiritual realization

Bindi: a red ornamental dot worn or tattooed in the center of a woman’s forehead between her eyebrows, most commonly in India, and is of vast importance reminding the self and others focus is on the spiritual journey versus the material connecting to the third-eye center

Dharma: law or doctrine of Buddhism that believes we are all subject to the principle of cosmic order

Divisa: Lord, God

Epigentics: belief we can change our genetic (DNA) programming based on our environment and energies we are attracting and projecting rather than being subject to creation programming via our conception

Equanimity: mental calmness and composure in a difficult, stressful, and or trying situation

Grunt: U.S. Marine Corp slang for Ground Unit

Jehovah Nissi: translation: the Lord is my banner

Jyotisha: the Hindu system of astrology to track and predict energetic movements with astrology

Karma: destiny or fate due to personal behavior and actions

Krishna: Lord God in the Bhagavad Gita, the embodiment of love and divine joy, born to establish the Religion of Love

Lakshmi: the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity and fortune, an active energy source and wife of Lord Vishnu

Mala Tulsi: equal to the Rosary beads of India, these wooden beaded necklaces are made with sacred wood of the Hindu religion and worn by yogis and yoginis for protection and to worship Vishnu, Krishna and Ram

Metaphysical Counseling: guidance from a higher source of power to guide us through life

Om: the sound of creation, known as the first sound in Sanskrit, belief we are aligning with and connecting with the highest part of our consciousness

Parris Island: site of Marine Corps boot camp training since 1915 located within Port Royal, South Carolina

POG Life: U.S. Marine Corps terminology meaning Person Other than Grunt

Reiki: a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being

Raga: personal impurity or fundamental of character

Rose of Sharon: first appears in English in 1611 in the King James Version of the Bible in Solomon Chapter 1 Verse 2 speaker says, “I am the Rose of Sharon, the lily of the valley”

Sarcophagus: from the Greek language defined as flesh-eating or outer layer of protection such as a coffin or decorated body art containing representations of the deceased

Shanti: Sankrit for peace

Song of Solomon: celebration of sexual love, two lovers praising and yearning for each other

Tuefel Hunden: motivational nickname in the U.s Marine Corps translated to Devil Dog

22 Foundation: Non-profit organization and suicide-prevention program designed for military and former military members and their families coping with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Military Sexual Trauma, and Combat Stress Reduction

Josie is a former tv anchorwoman and award-winning journalist. She has USF course credit in Religions of India, studied Catholicism on the island of Islamorada and spent two years studying theology in the basement of Cleveland's St. John's Cathedral.
Josie is a former TV anchorwoman and award-winning journalist. She has USF course credit in Religions of India, studied Catholicism on the island of Islamorada and spent two years studying theology through Cleveland’s St. John’s Cathedral

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