Day Tripper with Josie Koler

brunch of burgers and ice cream at Charlie’s

The Catholic schools let our early (before the Memorial Day Holiday) which means summer’s on at our place. The family’s nine-year old turned her latest yoga tour and dinner of chicken broccoli fettucine alfredo into a slumber party with her matching brunette puppy following with a patio brunch at one of her favorite haunts.

The two are so cute no one around can stand the sight of the pair on a mission to explore, adventure and take in all life has to offer from the Coastal Ohio Trail, Lake Erie Islands and down to the Gulf Coast of Florida, across Alligator Alley and down into the Florida Keys. (Bosco, (the chocolate lab) has yet to vacation there. He does not enjoy heat and humidity and we have struggled trying to purchase a plane ticket for the four-legged family member).

Outfit in her Chuck Taylor Limited Edition high tops and new Barbie Lemon Graphic Sweatshirt – Pink (on clearance now for a mere twelve dollars at Target) my sidekick rolled up and after viewing the menu had me place an order for — you guessed correctly — a ten piece chicken chunks and curly fries with ketchup; and, a scoop of strawberry ice cream to pick up once the meal is eaten.

My mom and dad raised me to not eat until about 2 pm when famished so I settled on a burger for brunch/breakfast wrapped in lettuce.

We are at the height of Spring 2024 on Ohio’s north coast and nothing screams “season” quite the same as patio tables and sharing curly fries with the family’s chocolate bar.

The strawberry ice cream counteracts the chocolate hair and fur nicely. Order online here.

Charlie’s Homemade Ice Cream and Hamburgers has been a tradition for forty years up on the corner of McCord and Sylvania Avenue in Sylvania, Ohio. A quick bite here will remind diners of simpler times.

A fashion note: Skylar’s Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag is the ultimate summer accessory item to stash cash, a credit card, keys, garage door opener, lip balm and iPhones. She’s rocking one in Glaze Pink. I tried on for a photo op hoping the trend takes twenty years off of my appearance. I do believe the color has a Jem and the Holograms effect.

We spent twenty seven dollars on food, including a lemonade and lemonade to go. Zero dollars went to gas since we were walking. My walking shoes, the Women’s Nike Air Max Bella TR 3 in Mauve Roche, were given to me by the fine folks at Dillard’s. A brand the luxury goods behemoth isn’t dealing online at the moment. They can be found on Ebay “NEW in Box”. We walked across the street to play on the swings and checked out the pool scene at the local YMCA. Memberships can be purchased here.

Josie performed the Day Tripper series “Day Tripper with Josie Koler” partnered with Big Brothers Big Sister of Siouxland while the morning anchor at KMEG back in the early 2000s. She was led by the legend, the late Tedd O’Connell, a news anchor prior to the onset of cable television. The Day Tripper is a terrific summertime series loaded with exactly that. Adventurers to take for the day. This particular piece contains an element for fashion.

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