Stuffed my Twinkle Bag with Estee Lauder spilling the contents with Dillards

This summer I was deemed via a producer and editor as Rough Around the Edges. Island life meant little make-up. I had narrowed down my routine to lip balm, mascara, light eyeliner and shaped eyebrows.

Fine for my role as a Dive Reporter and Key West Bureau Chief working in a tropical climate. Apparently, not so fitting for a show host. I just shot five hour long television shows and a slew of domestic abuse awareness public service announcements with barely any makeup on.

Time to partner up. I’m executing this business element with the most prestigious name in beauty, Estee Lauder. This past month I started collecting my favorites from the Estee Lauder counter at Dillards. Here is a basic break down of what I’ll be wearing for Holiday 2017.

Remember, beauty radiates from the inside out. But, the Perfect Lip Envy Lip Gloss in Flirtatious Magenta helps. I smeared this on top of an Estee Lauder Co. MAC Lipstick in Party Line.

I DO truly love these products and in time I am going to dish as much as I have time to in the arena of health, fitness, beauty and lifestyle.

Here’s a quick rundown of a basic on camera routine. With 2018 looming, and social media being the name of the business game, we are all on camera all of the time. Whether the industry is one’s true profession or not, every woman has to shine for those selfies.

Start with the number one selling serum in the world, the fragrance-free Advanced Night Repair chock full of Hyluronic Acid to boost hyrdration one-thousand times.

Reduce any puffiness with the Global Anti-Aging Cell Power Eye Gelee.

Once this fifty-five dollar product absorbs I go lux with the Re-Nutriv Ultimate Youth Regenerating Eye Cream. $160 to baby those baby blues. I trust the SPF 35 BB Cream that moisturizes, protects and perfect for under fifty dollars and also rely on this balm to act as a glue for the the Double Wear Matte Pressed powder. Seeking flawless. This is the route.  Around my eyes, I ditched my regular concealer for the Brush-On Glow BB Highlighter and have already convinced three dozen women to do the same. With light-reflecting elements there isn’t any need to photoshop lines around the eyes. This is one concealer with ooompf which can be used for many other highlights.

Real quickly, I pulled eye colors from the Holiday 2017 Glamour Collection Purchase. The Full-size Magic Smoky Powder Shadow Stick in Burnt Black makes the $39,50 purchase worth every penny. The beauty queen has also thrown in a full-size sumptuous mascara which you are all going to be seeing me living in three layers for all of 2018.

My nails I lacquered in Le Smoking. Can’t get enough of these holiday reds! To keep my cuticles in tip top shape as I ready the north coast hideaway I am coating the cuticles three times per day with the $220 Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lift Restorative Balm. Worth. Every hard-earned nickle.

Always finish with Modern Muse. The scent of jasmine and sleek woods working to emulate that a modern woman is successful and sophisticated.

Want more! I’ll be at Dillards Franklin Park tomorrow, Sunday December 3,  from 6:30 p -9:30 for the store’s VIP Shopping event to share secrets and tell you all about what’s in my Holiday 2017 Twinkle Bag. All cosmetics will be discounted 15% and then during these hours only, we’re giving the gift of an additional 10% so women can wow even the reindeer with my secrets and Estee Lauder.




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