Bon Islander by boat, by ferry or cute little pudde jumper

My island client met me at 8 am at his waterfront condos and told me if I wanted to leave the island I needed to find “Bill” and go by jet ski — or take the plane.

I was onboard the “Bon Islander” by 9:30 am.

A vacation to the Lake Erie Islands, especially Middle Bass Island, is called, marketed and deemed as an “Adventure Vacation”.

419-285-6121 to book a reservation. This 21-acre Caribbean-style resort does not resemble Sandals.

Call 419-734-5400 to come by plane.


Polarized a new pair of shades

The latest piece of fashion I scored, I knew nothing about prior to them becoming mine — pair of tortoise shell Zoey sunglasses polarized with black and pink lenses.

I wanted new sunglasses, something snazzy, so this summer I began recycling, giving away and selling shades to make way.

When a store manager walked by and asked if there was anything I wanted from cosmetics or accessories I had just set the pair out to purchase that day.

Which just goes to show – the Spirit is always at work.

Score a pair at any Dillards on the mainland.

Dress Key West Duval Street, sandals – Kinos Key West and all photos by Steven Drescher.



Love Breaks All Rules: Part III an eyeshadow secret

“I love you more every day”

Right now I love showing every customer how to use the quintuplet eyeshadow palettes. Pictured is all of the “eye gear” I wore for the promo shoot.

  • Start with ANR Supercharged Complex, a new eye recovery serum that not only works on fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness – but contains a component to combat blue light damage done from the phone, computer and tv
  • I conceal with Doublewear Flawless Concealer around the eye and use as an eyeshadow base
  • Apply a light base color on entire eye lid and use the darker shade to smudge with an eyeliner brush all around the outer edges *Shown is Ivory Power 
  • For added impact add Doublewear Waterproof Stay in Place eyeliner in Espresso — brown liners make blue and green eyes pop
  • Finish with Lash Primer Plus and Sumptuous Extreme Mascara

… for a look you, and he, will love


Love Breaks All Rules: Part Deux fitness for the face

“I love waking up to you in the morning”

The sweetest words written, said and muttered to sum up a sound night’s slumber before the coffee’s been poured. Besides sleep — my favorite beauty tip: keep washing your face interesting. This way you never grow bored keeping pores pristine.

I rely on the Perfectly Clean collection depending on the situation.

  • Have I just woken up
  • Have I just returned home from yoga
  • Am I in the bathtub removing Sumptuous Extreme Mascara and Doublewear Foundation…

There’s a cleanser in the collection for every scenario.

”Have a great day”


Love Breaks All Rules sleeping beauty

“I love you so much!”

I wake up to the love notes stuck on the bathroom mirror. But, bedtime is the key to beauty. The number one way to stay fresh faced and of fresh, sharp mind  — sleep. I am set and ready for bed every night right around 10:30 p. I don’t fall asleep right away.. I do though center myself in the middle of my Heavenly Bed, with the door shut, window shades drawn with four inches of down beneath me, another four inches of goose feathers on top making a cloud-like sandwich with crisp, white sheets. I recharge and I repair.Every single night, after a shower or bath, I place a dropper full of the world’s number one night serum: Advanced Night Repair with Chronolux CB, on my face, neck, and across my chest to my shoulders to repair skin cells that didn’t repair due to lack of sleep. I get my Zs too, so I am doubling up on damage control. ANR is also loaded with hyaluronic acid to lock in and boost moisture one thousand times.



Fruit Fashion even avocados

This past Labor Day 2018 Weekend everyone was rocking the vintage fashion of fruit. Saturday night at dinner, set at Osaka – a Hibachi Grill and Sushi Bar, a young man in our party was partaking in the merriment wearing a button down collared shirt plastered in avocados.

The woman in a pew in front of me in Mass wore a shirt loaded with lemons.

To take on Key West of the North, South Bass Island, for late night Labor Day dinner, dress was festive and a garment covered in ripe bananas proclaimed to the world, “I’m off today.”

Laboring on an island and laboring in a factory is like comparing avocados to bananas. Nonetheless, everyone’s contribution makes the country great from educators to car salesmen to those cleaning the island vacation rentals.  Celebrate and keep chasing, or living the dream.

Champagne, Cake & Sperrys summer gifts

Of course I gave the BAE Neoprene Sperrys for his birthday. How else is he going to navigate two sets of island chains but with shoes built for the boat — designed to get wet.

That was a sweet two days of cake, candles champagne and celebrating.

The Lake Erie Islands, showcasing South Bass, Middle Bass and the famed boardwalk of put-in-Bay are the only place to be when the calender reads “summer.”