Winter Duck Boots

Photos by Erik Tyger

The style of Sperry has yet to disappoint with refreshed fashion detail. As we finish Christmastide 2019 -2020 I’m promoting my favorite gifts, gear and trinkets. Practicing Christians make note of the Epiphany, the twelfth day of Christmas where the three wise men deliver presents to Baby Jesus. Meaning we all have until Monday January 6 to disperse gifts.

Plus, this season marks the perfect time to pick out all of the goodies that weren’t given. Souvenirs to self reign as nourishment for the soul and that is precisely what the season stresses. Parties, gift exchanges and sharing meals with those significant are key in keeping The Spirit alive. I just wore these cute kicks to deliver a lasagna and garlic bread across the Coastal Ohio Trail.

The Trail is so wet and muddy fluctuating in and out from what feels like Spring to Winter snow and ice storms as usual. The corduroy adds an attractive feature, the black makes a fashion statement and the pink lugged sole not only makes my soul shine but the Wave-Siping provides necessary traction on the Ohio terrain.

The tan and navy top-siders I’ve worn for three-plus years are worn and colored to compliment jeans and khakis. You can buy the black and corduroy pair here. Most of the collection is on sale for less than one hundred dollars. Shop here, and stay dry and stylish.

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