Episode II Spa: Island Tan at The Lake achieving color so close to Canada

Island Tan at The Lake is a name that might lead outsiders to think, ‘what a shame that a business has to fake an image with the word ‘island’ to draw customers in’. Island Tan at The Lake is located on Catawba Island. Catawba Island is part of the mainland of Ohio but this is only after workers filled in where shallow lake surrounded the area with cement. Plus, Catawba Island is the gateway to an island paradise chain in Lake Erie accessible only via helicopter, boat, plane, or ferry.

The rooms at Island Tan at The Lake are marked accordingly with signs depicting Kelleys, South Bass Island, Mouse, and others.

Lori Levorchick the owner offers, “that way when people come in and they’re on vacation they can get a little bit of the history here as well.”

Summer months are smoking through the region with travelers and second and third homeowners; most of whom are headed towards the freshwater for a shot of summer sunshine.

“A lot of people are out there on the boats and in the sun and when you’re out in the sun its not regulated. In here its regulated you can come in here and get a tan without getting burnt,” Levorchick lets us in on the north coast service.

She simply wanted a place where people could come in and relax no matter what the forecast decided to give vacationers and residents for the day. Her interview shown in Episode II of Josie in Paradise is below.

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