EPISODE II Spoonful: is a cupful we're behind the bar! at Joe's Bar spicin' it up

There are instances in life, and on photo shoots, and after interviews where one just grabs for the bottle of Abolsut Peppar and shows the nation one reason why South Bass Island puts the spice in life. We were sent to Joe’s Bar to uncover the lowdown on their twist to a tomato based favorite. The Bloody Mary mix is homemade and includes some worcestershire sauce…

“…and I’ll say the drink has some horseradish but I’m not saying anything else,” manager Marissa Petroff plays up the mystery.

Before grabbing the bottles, pouring, mixing and adding garnish to the mid-day-meal-in-a-cup we sat down and spoke with one of the co-owners islander Brad Olemacher.

The televised broadcast of Josie in Paradise will be determined in October as emergency crews work to restore power and water to South Florida and the Florida Keys. The regularly scheduled program time is 9:30 p on AT&T U-Verse WEYW Channel 19 airing from Key West to Boca Raton. You can always watch here and nationwide on the Ohio X5 ROKU channel. 


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