Stella’s to serve Brunch for Sweethearts posh Perrysburg eatery expands dining times

Cupid has shot multiple arrows through Stella’s in Perrysburg. The eatery is nestled downtown on the edge of Louisiana Avenue with the Maumee River situated just across the street. The atmosphere pulls from the energy ions of the raging body of water just a stone throws away.

This Valentine’s Day the spread will be even more spectacular. Manager Ed Lopez dishes, Stella’s is going to be open this Sunday, February 14th for brunch for the first time, and every Saturday and Sunday thereafter from 10 am – 3 pm.

“This is not a buffet all of the menu items will be to order,” defines Lopez, “Chef has put together some menu items to wow.”

Chef is Michael Bulkowski. He says an array of ethnic foods will be showcased.

“We’ll have items we love to eat as cooks. This is the perfect brunch I would like to go to. There isn’t a theme. Just tasty breakfast food. We’re working on a few signature Bloody Marys I think will be out of this world,” Bulkowski boasts of the plans.

Anyone looking to romance their man or woman with a meal on Ohio’s North Coast should know Stella’s adds just the right elegant element. Call 419-873-8360 to make reservations. Or visit them online.

Maumee and the Maumee River can be seen from the marquee outside.
Maumee and the Maumee River can be seen from the marquee outside.



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