EPISODE I: F A S H I O N white sports bra lightens the tone

Ryka is the label shown in Episode I’s fitness feature with Kathi Spayde and Put-in-Bay yoga. The material isn’t only movable but has fabric cut out of the back allowing for those openings to create a breathable piece of exercise gear. The cropped leggings, again allow air to circulate to the lower legs and are cut modestly by hot yoga standards.

The attire translates flawlessly on camera, on the mat the moves were made with ease due to material construction.

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The canary yellow dress doesn’t have a label. Just google Canary Yellow Sheath Dress to find one which matches your style. The color says not only is one showing real estate in a vacation destination, one is closing.

The periwinkle halter dress is a 1996 J. Crew Catalog Classic. Splurge on lasting style. This piece has taken me from the Adirondack Mountains to concerts on Little Palm Island. The lux is the simplicity and color only for Spring and Summer soirees. The piece can be dressed up with different earrings, bracelets and footwear.

Or dressed down, as seen crossing the lake in a pair of Converse aboard the Miller Boatline.



? Ferry Rides to the LEIs

Posted by Josie in Paradise on Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The salmon number as seen in the show open and spooning up Lobster Bisque Soup alongside restaurateur Eric Booker was snatched off of a rack and then altered at my initiative by a local seamstress on the island of Islamorada.


FIRST TIME EVER ??? Cameras in The Boardwalk’s Lobster Bisque Kitchen

Posted by Josie in Paradise on Tuesday, July 18, 2017


The seamstress added splash to a smock that otherwise would have been just plain simple by scooping out the entire back.

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