Formulated for a Goddess coconut milk with a twist of lime

Besides all of the makeup and skincare I can’t live without, my 2018 Estee Lauder Beauty Week promo Easter Basket is sans the chocolate and stocked with sunshine. I popped the entire line of Bronze Goddess into the crate of cosmetics I crave day in and day out.

The comments roll in non-stop.

“You smell like coconuts.”

“You smell like the beach.”

“You smell like suntan lotion.”

“You smell like an island.”

“Yum. What smells so delicious?”

I have Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess whipped Body Cream wiped across my wrists and up my arms, around my neck and up into my hairline.

The aroma of coconut milk juicy mandarin, lemon, Italian Bergamot and a sun-drenched blend of tropical flowers emanates from my abdomen.

 I had to think after the photos were taken of me in a department store what exactly am I selling?

I can sell you the smell of coconuts. Brands, labels, scents and logos are all about the essence one embodies.

My essence engulfs a life where my business contacts suited me up, backed me up and bankrolled me to take on the Florida Keys Wreck Trek. Being bronzed by the blazing tropical sun isn’t optional. We all love cocktail conversation of an underwater adventure.

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A life where I learned to hunt dinner in the clear blue sea.

Of late night parties with friends barefoot on the beach.

I could blog all day about sun, salt and business and a lifestyle where the most important accessory is a sun-kissed glow.

Of course, I smell like coconut and lime. I know how to muddle a Mojito, blend a homemade Pina Colada and prep a spiny tail for dinner. I’ve run an island resort from my high school bedroom with an envelope of blank checks.

Bronze Goddess is for the ultimate sun-kissed glow.

After a winter on the North Coast, what we’re all craving…correct? For those south of the Mason Dixon County line what we all align with — shots of endless sunshine!

From the makers: A cult classic, this adored collection features summer-perfect essentials—such as Bronze Goddess Illuminating Powder Gelée and the new Bronze Goddess Blooming Lip Balm.


Beauty Week 2018 kicks off this Friday, March 23 with Estee Lauder Companies. and Dillards, your favorite spot to score luxury goods. All cosmetics excluding Chanel will be BOGO 50% off through March 29.




Beauty Week Easter Basket Centerpiece golden serum everyone's seeking

I was stumped for this promo. Initially the centerpiece was slated to be the ReNutriv Ultimate lift Regenerating Youth Serum, the key to infinite beauty. Laced with a patented Floralixir Dew this lux beauty product has more fluff and fancy than the Easter Bunny himself donning a bow tie and glasses. Priced at three hundred and five dollars of course, this is what every person priding themselves on perfect skin wants. A product so posh, one of the rare ingredients is crushed twenty-four karat gold.

The ReNutriv Serum remains the golden centerpiece of my 2018 Estee Lauder Easter Basket. We all desire a perfect complexion. But, I also noticed I stocked my dream basket with the essence of the season and a life we are all seeking.

Josie is paid by Estee Lauder and other entities to write. The ideas and desires are her own and the content isn’t edited. FASHION NOTE: Knee-high leather boots were purchased with money from the CBS News wardrobe coffers. 

Beauty Week 2018 kicks off Friday March 23 at 10 a. We will all be at Dillards Franklin Park Mall one of two luxury home goods stores on Ohio’s North Coast. The other location: Beachwood. Appointments only will be given a free Travel Size Perfectly Clean Cleanser until the stores run out. All Estee Lauder products are BOGO fifty percent off through March 29 2018.