Pancakes PUH-LEEEEASE! a new take on the Sunday morning staple

I remember the first time the smell of Betty Crocker’s Bisquick Original Pancake and Breakfast Mix wafted through the house. All of the females representing my Kindergarten class from Shupe Elementary in the uncharted Coastal Ohio town of Amherst (now population 25,000) had stayed the night to celebrate my sixth birthday.

The evening was an out-of-control blow-out on Elyria Avenue. One might reflect this evening was a precursor of what was to come.

Over one dozen young ladies showed up, sleeping bags in tow, with Holly Hobby, Strawberry Shortcake, ET, or the Care Bears beaming on top of the zippered stuffing. They were also toting gifts. One of which happened to be a Barbie Doll wearing a striking fuchsia one-piece to accentuate her over balanced body.

The calendar read the “early 80s” and life was grand.

We spent the evening jumping on the bed and feeding the family dog popcorn made in the Wear-Ever Popcorn Pumper. One of my classmates peed her pants in the excitement of the evening and we never crawled into the sleeping bags and closed our eyes.

When the sun arose to alert us blurry-eyed young ladies we had survived our first sleep-over together with my stay-at-home mom, (who had just reached the ripe age of twenty-seven) she made all of us initial pancakes on a stand-alone electric griddle. I wouldn’t take the time to use a fork, add butter, or pour maple syrup on top. I just grabbed the “J” and the “K” like a cookie and ate the fluff full of oil, egg and butter.

To this day, I’ve never ordered a stack of pancakes. The thought of sticking my fork into a pile of “goo” with sugar poured on top makes my stomach churn. My palate prefers egg white omelets made with fresh vegetables and eggs that aren’t from an actual animal.

With a side of fruit!

But, something this past week, maybe its from following Amy Weinstock’s new blog, “Earth To Amy” where I’ve seen all of the “goo” can be replaced with alternatives.

Maybe its because for the first time since age eleven I’m living again by my South Eastern European family and I feel as though I’m not alive if I’m not eating a pastry for two of my three main meals of the day.

This week I revisited that box of Bisquick in the back of the cupboard. I opened the box and made a couple of quick alterations.

  •  1 C of mix
  •  2/3 C of coconut milk
  •  2 T of coconut oil
  •  2 “eggs” = 2 T corn starch mixed with 6 T of hot water

Mix those ingredients together and heat more coconut oil on a hot griddle. Pour the batter and soon the sweet smells of Betty Crocker Pancakes without egg, milk, or vegetable oil will be transported through the kitchen.

IMG_6316 (1)

Perhaps, transporting one to another time. Pick a topping such as Wholesome! Organic Pancake Syrup, sprinkle fresh fruit on top, and you have yourself a pancake party.



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