Go Gourmet and get Festive with the Fuji candy-coated Christmas apples

I saw the idea in a gourmet food magazine right after Thanksgiving that I happened to be flipping through quickly. There they were showcased on the page: gourmet apples dipped in caramel, coated in melted white chocolate and then… sprinkled with more candy!

I happened to have leftover caramel from Fall from my exuberance over apple season where I made these. I picked up some organic Fuji apples. These are my top choice. I think they just taste more flavorful than Red Delicious and are shaped about as perfect as Santa himself.

Preheat the oven to 300 degrees and wash the apples.

Take each piece of caramel and stretch over each apple. Bake on top of the supplied parchment paper for 3 minutes. The directions read to bake at 200 degrees for five minutes but I found the higher temperature and less bake time work better. As soon as the caramel bubbles remove and set on a dish. Cooling time depends on how cold your kitchen is. I waited for about ten minutes for the caramel to set.

Melt the white candy in a microwave safe dish for ninety seconds on defrost. Each thirty second interval remove the bowl and stir, stir, stir as if you’re Missus Claus on a mission. I love my red Pyrex bowl. This is all you need and a regular spoon.

After ninety seconds and the chocolate is melted hold the apple by the stick and begin spooning the melted white candy coating over the caramel.

Hold the caramel and white candy-coated apple over another empty bowl and sprinkle on candies of your choosing. I’ve been generously topping all of my hot cocoa and coffee this season with homemade whipped cream and Twinkling Trees Sprinkle Mix from Love & Cupcakes. Because Baby, it’s cold outside! These little confectioners sugars trickled down from Canada and they add just a enough sacchariferous to make these gourmet Christmas goodies a smash!

Santa might pass on the cookies and pastries … The gift to you.. baking time is only three minutes!


Josie is spending Holiday 2016 at the family home on the Coastal Ohio Trail. There will be much more to come before we ring in 2017 including on www.josiestyleforthehome.com


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