Ohio’s Wine Trail Winds to Catawba Island Mon Ami IS the place where friends and family gather

All pictures by Kim Kindinger and Dave Brown
Producer/Editor Dave Brown

There aren’t many more adventures on the Great Lakes Circle Tour and Coastal Ohio Trail more exciting and pleasing to the palate (that one can reach by car) than to the historic Mon Ami Winery. I talk all about the menu items, wine pairings, location and more with Connie Reynolds, licensed realtor and Sales Manager for this establishment making every Ohioan proud.
Because Catawba Island is the gateway to the Great Lakes most prized real estate, we keep going on our shoot. Watch the interview now.

Then, keep your eyes peeled. We put another realtor on camera, Nancy Dunlap representing Bolte Real Estate to give the nation the climate of the market; plus, fashion insight for when everything is iced over. #ColderThanMars.

These segments are all part of the Great Lakes Winter Escape Josie in Paradise special.
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You’re either chasing the dream, living the dream, or trying to crush someone else’s dream… Where are you in 2018?!?!?!?!

Power Nap Facial energize with new arsenal of products

Pictures by Kim Kindinger for Josie Koler, LTD. Josie in Paradise, DBA, JK PR Sales & Design, DBA, Josie Beach, DBA, Josie Gym DBA, Josie Style for the Home, DBA

From the east coast to the Great Lakes, the nation is under a deep freeze. Along Ohio’s coastline residents are experiencing a new record-setting frigid temperatures that have not risen above twelve degrees in weeks. True to form, I’m out playing and working in this, piecing together the Great Lakes, Winter Escape Josie in Paradise 2018 segments of real estate, hotels, hotel amenities. fashion, fitness, spas and a spoonful; plus business.

The line-up and conditions equate to lots of fur, boots, socks (three layers), hats, gloves and the creme de la creme of skin care protection.

What I’m washing my make-up off  with while standing and talking every forty minutes before I rinse, and head for some hot, sweaty yoga: Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm. This item, which retails for only forty-five dollars, cleanses at the cellular level removing environmental debris while softening the skin.  The balm is scented with lavender and chamomile and is oh so relaxing.

January 12 – 15 Estee Lauder is treating the nation to a Power Nap Facial at every counter. The scented luxury spa service includes having your face washed with the balm, followed by a spa eye treatment, and the application of your choice of serum and moisturizer. You can request the ReNutriv line I’m using laced with twenty-four carat gold, crushed pearls from the South Sea and RVF-10. 

Here is why you want to take this global beauty brand up on this complimentary offer is simple. 

Skincare, like exercise should be kept interesting and fun! Have a wondrous day and end to the weekend everyone. Stay warm and take advantage of the #ColderThanMars temperatures by indulging yourself in fitness for the face. The Estee Lauder Power Nap Facial is the ideal springboard for sensational winter skin.

Josie Koler is the host of Josie in Paradise, a real estate and lifestyle show, an award-winning broadcast journalist, adviser for Estee Lauder, and… there are a couple of more business elements we will be adding to this broadcast based business for 2018.

Foundation Foreward natural light captures product

Ohio Photos by Paradise Producer Dave Brown and Photographer Kim Kindinger

Fla Keys pic by Travis Yednak

As we sat and waited at Catawba Island’s most coveted gathering spot, the Mon Ami Winery for the next interviewee subject, the producer took my iPhone and snapped a couple of portraits as the late winter sun seeped through the main dining hall window. The shoot, set on the last day of 2017, captured the VERY FIRST TIME, I had ever been on camera wearing a liquid foundation.

The choice, Estee Lauder’s Doublewear. I went with Wheat.


We shot all afternoon in the Great Lakes winter climate inside and out.

Which makes sunscreen a must. For a base I did layer atop the Estee Lauder Cos. MAC Prep + Prime BB (Beauty Balm) Prep SPF 35. I use this in the Florida Keys when out in that sunshine, too rocking the Health is Wealth Harry Cicma motto.

That product was placed atop the world’s No. 1 selling serum, Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair loaded with Hyaluronic Acid capable of boosting moisture one-thousand times. I use the ReNutriv Ultimate Lift Regenerating Youth Eye Cream.

 I can’t preach this enough: Prepare the skin (so the product can work) and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Here is a close-up in natural light so you can see the skin’s surface and every and any pore.

Happy New Year everyone! You can go to any Estee Lauder counter in the world for a free sample of Doublewear Foundation. The price for a bottle is just forty-two dollars. Whatever you decide to do… put your best face forward for 2018. Adding exercise, lots of sweat, eating those apples and noshing on olives (oh how I loooooooove olives) can take any regime to the next level.

Josie is the host of Josie in Paradise, a real estate and lifestyle show, award-winning broadcast journalist, and adviser for Estee Lauder