EPISODE I: Hotel Freshwater Retreat live like its heaven on Put-in-Bay

Photos by Kim Kindinger

The owner and operator of Freshwater Retreat and Remedies has a pedigree Put-in-Bay resume one could not duplicate even if one worked around the clock.

Christy Ontko is not only a business owner, life and wellness coach, masters degree toting school teacher, columnist and author, she was born to a family of islanders. A status one can not aspire to.

“Its embarrassing sometimes to discuss, Ontko says when asked about herself humbly, “I’m just me.”

Ontko is intriguing, enchanting and educated. Setting up a retreat on South Bass Island directly across from the PIB airport which exemplifies what she stands for isn’t any surprise.

Freshwater Retreat is a luxurious place to stay. This five-bedroom guest house features five bedrooms, two bathrooms, and all organic linens. Two bedrooms are located downstairs and three are upstairs. The home was constructed back in 1985. Ontko’s great-great grandfather was on the island during this unforgotten era working as a stone mason.

Ontko reflects, “We’re thinking he probably did help build the house.”

Here’s more of Ontko’s interview and tour of her B&B as featured in Josie in Paradise, Episode I.

There’s more on this true Island Girl. She shares the Freshwater Retreat amenities. Note this property also has a converted garage or a barn where a list of wellness (not spa) services can be administered to anyone able to make their way to Put-in-Bay for the day or to stay and be guided to an adventure by this true island woman.

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