Off the @&$! Phone

taboo thingamabob at the table

We’re sitting here on a remote island having coffee and discussing a ruined vacation, to an even more exotic island than Islamorada, made via the ever-clever contraption we call the cell phone.

I wish I had better photos. But, I didn’t have my phone last night during a birthday celebration at Lazy Days Restaurant located at a sweet mile marker 79.8.

I didn’t photograph the Prosecco, the Tuna Tartare, the Lazy Days Mahi Mahi Catch of the Day, more importantly – my side salad and rice.

Being a trained journalist and media professional I have an excuse. I could be snapping, capturing, writing and connecting with others not present.

But then, how with such bad behavior, and yes, let’s be bold and call the behavior “bad” because it is such poor etiquette, how does one connect with those people seated next to you.

The behavior makes others board planes early and head home.

Here’s a picture of the leftovers I’m about to indulge in. Always be conscious and think about leaving the phone at home, in the car, in a drawer or slid to off and placed out of sight.

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