Apps Axed

For this past season’s summer luvin’ on lux goods series all photo editing — expelled. I don’t mess with image altering apps at all and there’s a reason why.

Number one my photographer has access to all original photos. My local news background and deadline-driven-video-camera-on-me-at-all-times persona annoys him.

He had a beer popped open this last session within two scenes.

We did adjust. Dry hair was made wet.

The curls then ruined the subsequent shots showing off the season’s hottest new Costa (del Mars).

My hair and tired swimwear (did you know a BGSU college student ran off with my new Josie Beach collection all of the patterns) made the entire spread appropriate only for a low budget boating magazine.

The entire scene had to be reworked at an idyllic beach in the backyard.

By then, I had a accumulated some color.

Hours of editing could have happened. Photo editors can change the backdrop, waistline, skintone, eye and hair color texture and tone. Swimwear shades can be adjusted and fictitious facial features can be manipulated and exaggerated in a number of smart phone apps.

In a world of false prophets and scandalous social media accounts depicting a person one truly is not is embarrassing when face-to-face encounters and real conversations occur.

The critical process is a thief of joy.

Failing to stand firm in your own truth will eventually take you down.

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