Fruit Fashion even avocados

This past Labor Day 2018 Weekend everyone was rocking the vintage fashion of fruit. Saturday night at dinner, set at Osaka – a Hibachi Grill and Sushi Bar, a young man in our party was partaking in the merriment wearing … Continue reading →

10 Reasons why MBI is the Great Lakes most Quixotic Spot island romance offline and off the grid

Pictures by Steven Drescher and Ed Gudenas Accessible via ferry, plane, or helicopter Middle Bass Island is the ultimate destination in the Great Lakes Region for a romantic get-away. This eight-hundred acre island delivers just the correct dosage of intrigue … Continue reading →

GIVEAWAY: MBI Resort Jewelry Collection Captures Island Essence wear love for Lake Erie escapes

Aerial Photos Edmund Gudenas Photos Steven Drescher and Josie Koler “My dad says, ‘you came to the island with me and you went home with your mom’”, Danielle Nawrocki shared sweetly across the indoor bar at Saint Hazards on Middle … Continue reading →

Mingle amidst the Islanders of Middle Bass besides Groceries the Middle Bass General Store is the social scene

all photos by Steve Drescher  edited by Blair Shiver Yes! Middle Bass Island does have a grocery store. This little roadside joint stands taller in a community of 50 full time residents than every Giant Eagle in Cleveland’s surrounding area. … Continue reading →