Episode II Spa: Island Tan at The Lake achieving color so close to Canada

Island Tan at The Lake is a name that might lead outsiders to think, ‘what a shame that a business has to fake an image with the word ‘island’ to draw customers in’. Island Tan at The Lake is located on Catawba … Continue reading →

EPISODE I: Spa Freshwater Retreat family remedies and island friendliness featured

“I’ve been on the journey of natural and organic living for quite some time, and I said one day too my aunt, ‘what about that recipe? Can you get it for me?’ I made and I realized: if I can … Continue reading →

33030: Hair with a Zip Code of its Own going four-eyed to fight frizz

My hair has its own zip code. Located in the 33030 somewhere in between Key West and Marquesas Keys. Full of body, bounce, curl, texture and unfortunately frizz.     Here’s a look at the untamed tresses in South Florida. Melissa … Continue reading →

Toes in the Salt city spa amenity in Sandusky

To usher in 2017 I changed into a Spa Kalahari robe and dipped my perfectly pedicured peds, colored in Rouge Rouge, four inches deep into Himalayan salt. The Halotherapy Salt Room at Spa Kalahari in Sandusky is one of three … Continue reading →

December’s Sine qua non Made in the USA boots socks, moisturizers and fur fashion

Besides my 1st Generation iPad from Holiday 2010, loaded with Kindle and The Chester Josie Style for the Home faux fireplace, (that story here) there are several fundamentals which have made my holiday on glacial ground splendrous. For the perfect … Continue reading →

Seasonal Shower Elements peppermint twist and lemongrass bring the spa home

I feel as though I am at a luxurious spa every time I return home from Hot Yoga, step over the porcelain bathtub and turn the water on. The items taking up space next to the tiles are indulgent and … Continue reading →