Get a Grip Sperry Shoe Summer 2018 Edition

Photos by Bo, Miller Boatline The brand Sperry embodies a summer spent on, near and around the water. Even more importantly, Sperry is all about being and looking fuss-free while all the while fashionable onboard the boat. The construction even … Continue reading →

Josie in Paradise EPISODE III

I just love this Episode if Josie in Paradise and I’m sure you will too. Myself and cameraman, Kim Kindinger, owner of the X5 Network, headed into the gates of North America’s premiere Catawba Cliffs neighborhood. Featured Videographer Theo Dunham … Continue reading →

Episode II Fitness: Beach Cruiser unfurl from a fury of activity

Easy breezy summer days are exceptionally serene when approached atop a beach cruiser bicycle. There isn’t any headache over trying to find a place to park and unless earbuds are in and there isn’t a stereo to shake up the … Continue reading →

EPISODE II Hotels: PIB Condos lakefront and luxe with space for everyone

Whether one buys or rents a luxury waterfront condominium on the Lake Erie Islands, one component is as on point as the ferry schedule, a place to sleep on Put-in-Bay, Middle Bass, and Kelleys is the ticket to paradise all … Continue reading →

Episode II: Real Estate $.5 M buys bragging rights on Catawba Island

Realtor Alex Morgan Johnson is showing a four-thousand square foot, four bedroom, four and one-half bathroom home on Ohio’s north coast. Located at 1101 NW Catawba Road in Port Clinton this unshakable structure showcases the builder’s and contractors’ skills. The … Continue reading →

Josie in Paradise Episode II a fantastic north coast edition

What is even better than releasing the first episode of a new lifestyle show that showcases the talents and products of so many great people in a community is … working out a couple of kinks, ironing out imperfections and … Continue reading →

EPISODE I: Spa Freshwater Retreat family remedies and island friendliness featured

“I’ve been on the journey of natural and organic living for quite some time, and I said one day too my aunt, ‘what about that recipe? Can you get it for me?’ I made and I realized: if I can … Continue reading →

EPISODE I: Hotel Amenities at Freshwater Retreat outdoor shower, hot tub & massage

Now that you’ve experienced Freshwater Retreat here are the minute details which aren’t so minute. The amenities offered are worth noting. Besides the linens being organic and the property having an extensive library here is what one will find: mint-infused water. … Continue reading →

EPISODE I: Hotel Freshwater Retreat live like its heaven on Put-in-Bay

Photos by Kim Kindinger The owner and operator of Freshwater Retreat and Remedies has a pedigree Put-in-Bay resume one could not duplicate even if one worked around the clock. Christy Ontko is not only a business owner, life and wellness … Continue reading →

Picky isn’t for Paradise seeking pleasure not perfection

Pictures by Kim Kindinger  The process took forty years but I finally let go of perfection. But not without a fight. I have been sitting with Josie in Paradise Episode I for over one week. I did hand over all … Continue reading →