Performance Puffer

Photos by Erik Tyger My love life consists mainly of workout dates, and meatless, cheeseless, dairy-free dates at Chipotle. Holiday gifts picked out based on a loved one’s passions are always on point. Besides diamonds and import car parts there … Continue reading →

Designer Chocolates

Photos by Erik Tyger My holiday hit early. One of my customers, whose makeup I have applied over the years for her various grandchildren’s weddings, exclaimed to me, “I wish I could give you a box of chocolates.” My reply, … Continue reading →

Polarized a new pair of shades

The latest piece of fashion I scored, I knew nothing about prior to them becoming mine — pair of tortoise shell Zoey sunglasses polarized with black and pink lenses. I wanted new sunglasses, something snazzy, so this summer I began … Continue reading →

Love Breaks All Rules sleeping beauty

“I love you so much!” I wake up to the love notes stuck on the bathroom mirror. But, bedtime is the key to beauty. The number one way to stay fresh faced and of fresh, sharp mind  — sleep. I am … Continue reading →

Champagne, Cake & Sperrys summer gifts

Of course I gave the BAE Neoprene Sperrys for his birthday. How else is he going to navigate two sets of island chains but with shoes built for the boat — designed to get wet. That was a sweet two … Continue reading →

Get a Grip Sperry Shoe Summer 2018 Edition

Photos by Bo, Miller Boatline The brand Sperry embodies a summer spent on, near and around the water. Even more importantly, Sperry is all about being and looking fuss-free while all the while fashionable onboard the boat. The construction even … Continue reading →

Josie in Paradise EPISODE III

I just love this Episode if Josie in Paradise and I’m sure you will too. Myself and cameraman, Kim Kindinger, owner of the X5 Network, headed into the gates of North America’s premiere Catawba Cliffs neighborhood. Featured Videographer Theo Dunham … Continue reading →

Episode II Fitness: Beach Cruiser unfurl from a fury of activity

Easy breezy summer days are exceptionally serene when approached atop a beach cruiser bicycle. There isn’t any headache over trying to find a place to park and unless earbuds are in and there isn’t a stereo to shake up the … Continue reading →

Episode II: F A S H I O N shoe that intoxicates with tread

The style started when skilled sailor, Paul Sperry, fell overboard. Inspired by the paws of his Cocker Spaniel, who he noticed didn’t slip in snowy or icy conditions, Sperry knew he needed a split shoe sole. One which was white … Continue reading →