Episode II Fitness: Beach Cruiser unfurl from a fury of activity

Easy breezy summer days are exceptionally serene when approached atop a beach cruiser bicycle. There isn’t any headache over trying to find a place to park and unless earbuds are in and there isn’t a stereo to shake up the … Continue reading →

Threads of Fall 2016 Chief Wahoo and anything and everything The Tribe

Pictures by Steven Drescher At the inception of this website I never thought in the wildest of baseball pitches that a fashion piece would be written about Cleveland Indians gear. This year Chief Wahoo and the jersey isn’t a Halloween costume. … Continue reading →

The Underground: Stadium Kicks Converse Classic Chuck Taylor All Stars

“I’m an attorney (in) commercial real estate. I specialize in affordable housing community development law. That’s why I’m here in Cleveland. I’m here for a conference and snuck out for a few minutes and here I am buying Chucks,” Toni … Continue reading →

Summer 2016 proved to be all about the hat Lake Erie Islands a Sportstown's Playground

Summer, summer, summertime produced a style on the Lake Erie Islands which couldn’t be cloned on any other coast. Instead of showing up fashionably (for a far-a-way destination surrounded in freshwater) island tourists risked appearing initially tacky. They tore off … Continue reading →