Haute Hat

Photos by Erik Tyger

A gift should be extravagant, needless and completely unnecessary. This Ugg Sheepskin Pom Beanie is all of those qualifiers. The uniqueness in this Ugg accessory lies in the real Sheepskin Pom colored a cheery, cotton candy pink.

Because of the forced label keep this fashionable fedora for use during backyard playtime, sledding, skiing and snowshoeing.

This season’s sombrero comes in three colors: cream, black and grey and sells for less than one hundred dollars. The item did when I first wrote this two days ago. Now, looks as thought the black is up for grabs which will match everything and anyone’s style.

Backyard Style

Photos by Erik Tyger

There is a new category of fashion: when we’re outside with our puppies.

Lifestyle truth beats “when it bleeds it leads” every time.

There’s Bosco @LakeEriesLabPup. Owning this one hundred pound Cup of Christmas Cocoa Requires an additional wardrobe.

Some of my colleagues choose North Face for playtime. I’ve been all about the Ugg Loungewear since the brand expanded. Last winter you saw me show off the Poncho and Fur Cuffed Boots paired with the Seam Jersey Leggings.

This season I grabbed the Fluffy Sweater Knit Lounge Cardigan.

This item is the perfect way to wrap in warmth when — for the one hundredth thousandth time — the pleading and reminding are taking place, “Can you go potty. Please potty. Can you potty for mommy? Just go tinkle in the grass…”

For less than one hundred dollars any gift recipient would be happy to unwrap this lifestyle piece. My colleagues bought them for themselves, their daughters and daughter-in-laws.

I compliment the cardigan with the Classic Tall Boot.

All of the pieces are as cuddly as a clean, well-fed puppy at Christmas.

Joy to the World

Photos by Erik Tyger

There is one scent in the treasure trove of the arena that captures The Spirit of the season: “Joy” by Christian Dior.

The ethereal notes of Joy bring a bliss to capture the ambiance of what awaits at the end of Advent.

Bottled up in a luminous bottle with a jewel-like top are:

  • Zested Bergamot
  • Mandarin
  • Grasse Rose
  • A Heady Jasmine

Created by Francois Demachy “Joy” by Dior

Expresses the remarkable feeling of joy through an interpretation of light

The radiant pink color and powdery whisper notes throught the accord capture a true feminine essence.

Holiday gift sets are available as well as the body lotion, shower gel and a new, intensified version containing Neroli and Centifolia Rose: “Joy” Eau de Parfum Intense.

During this last week of Advent determine every aspect which brings true “Joy”. Spend Christmastide eradicating that which does not and the New Year and Ephiphany relishing in all that encompasses goodness for the soul.

ANR Eye Supercharged Complex

Photos by Erik Tyger

The sparkle of youth is in the eyes.

There’s a new eye GelCream that has gained applause of skin enthusiasts around the world. Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex boasts of being Glamour Magazine’s Number One Best New Skincare – Best Eye Cream for 2019. Marie Claire beauty editors designated this sixty-two dollar dynamite concoction with the Prix d’Excellence 2019.

Here is why the contents of this brown, shiny square glass jar not only renew and recharge but dramatically reduce all key signs of aging.

The patented product contains ten times the concentrated repair technology to work on damage caused due to:

  • Lack of Sleep
  • Pollutants
  • Damage Done from Blue Light

Just twist the lid off and apply morning or night, or in the middle of the work day, for a digital detox.

Keep a jar at your desk with other key essentials. I prefer these Blue Light blocking glasses by Marvy and coffee or green tea.

This award-winning anti-pollutant product can be purchased through moi of course, or click here. I added the product to my score of sumptuous stocking stuffers.

Bye Bye Blue

Photos by Erik Tyger

My eyesight is not the best. I am nearsighted and have a astigmatism in one of my eyes. So, I always wore my Fendis to work at a computer. Which is a hassle because I either have to take my contacts out and put them back in or just always work in the morning before I bother to dress.

The glare and inability to determine a typo is exacerbated under fluorescent lights when wearing contacts.

Until now.

There is a new accessory designed to absorb blue light and glare. I am the owner of a pair of clear Corin Rectangle glasses by Marvy.

This pair is designed to make sure one reigns with the Chief Nerd title. These Marvys not only make a fashion statement but wave “bye bye blue” every time one uses a computer, cell phone, or tablet. They’re also available in black. For less than fifty dollars they are a stylish stocking stuffer for any lady or man on the list who spends their time grinding away in front of a screen.

Designer Chocolates

Photos by Erik Tyger

My holiday hit early. One of my customers, whose makeup I have applied over the years for her various grandchildren’s weddings, exclaimed to me, “I wish I could give you a box of chocolates.”

My reply, “oh, you can!”

Michigan born Tobi Tobin has traveled the world as a model and designed spaces for famous names in Hollywood. She recently expanded her L.A. based brand to include unisex fragrances, candles and luxury chocolates.

Her concept is affordable clean luxury.

A six piece, or “Petite” box of chocolates with or without nuts, is $48. Making this an ideal detail to deck the halls with or gift to indulge a hostess with. Shop the candles and fragrances here.

I paired with a glass of Malbec barreled in the Lone Star State another customer gifted me.

How sweet the season is.

12 Days of Christmas Gifts

Photos by Erik Tyger

Let’s start with the Ugg Cozy Crew Pom Pom Socks. I have a pair in Christmas Red. (They are) cute, warm and festive for the entire season.

As we all know Christmas IS the first day of Christmas. The day Christ is born. The Twelve Days of Christmas, or Christmastide, is the period leading up to The Epiphany, or January 6, in most Christian churches. This is the day the Magi bring Baby Jesus their gifts. I choose to celebrate the season with these ancient traditions, but am hustling in some ideas to mark the bustle of the retail season and everyone else’s shopping habits.

The Red Pom Pom socks match the ribbon on the black wrought-iron sleigh bed and fuzzy throw from Pier One. The Martime Red Pima Cotton Turtleneck my dad gave me as a Christmas Gift eighteen years ago. Order the exact one here from L.L. Bean.

Yes. There are people who’s Dad’s baby sister gives them Christmas Jammies and their Dad’s little brother’s wife gifts them tea cups with little birds to match the bed sheets.

Only, I stole the sheets. The fabric belonged to my Grandma. While my mother was attempting to sell them, I stole them with this design idea in my mind. Remember one cannot buy the Spirit of the Season. Only the details. For the socks click here. The rest is about the soul.

Gifts Like Candy

All photos Kyle Ricker, MUA

Oh the vanity of it all! I ran around a luxury department store last month in preparation for Sweetest Day 2019. According to NationalToday.com this day is designated as a day to give little sweets, cards and gifts to someone appreciated.

Let’s start with a fluffy brush. This is the Estee Lauder Kabuchi Brush. Don’t “brush off” this suggestion. This fifty dollar Powder Foundation Brush was tops on my list of extravagant items. The tool delivers the highest level of makeup artistry finishes when working with powders. I’ve been kickin’ it Kabuchi-Style for twenty years and … the only time this item needs replaced or upgraded is if 1.) The brush accidentally falls into the toilet and 2.) If a puppy eats the item.

Both of which unfortunately happened to me. This holiday – I’m the owner of a brand new bristles, the perfect accomplice to my Doublewear Powder.

Women drool for this tool once they see the finish.

Grab an Eye Lash Primer and the newest latest and greatest Rebel Length and Lift Mascara while there the counter.

Make sure there isn’t any room left in the linen closet for actual towels… Buy the Detoxifying Himalayan Salt Soak with a matching Made By Mixture giant wooden bath candle. Add these matches.

I counted a quartet of Musee Bath Bombs to be bright additions to my bag, a sleek jar of of Chanel Chance Eau Tendre Body Cream and for the actual candies — a perfectly understated flight of Godiva Truffles.

All, oh so sweet!

Apps Axed

For this past season’s summer luvin’ on lux goods series all photo editing — expelled. I don’t mess with image altering apps at all and there’s a reason why.

Number one my photographer has access to all original photos. My local news background and deadline-driven-video-camera-on-me-at-all-times persona annoys him.

He had a beer popped open this last session within two scenes.

We did adjust. Dry hair was made wet.

The curls then ruined the subsequent shots showing off the season’s hottest new Costa (del Mars).

My hair and tired swimwear (did you know a BGSU college student ran off with my new Josie Beach collection all of the patterns) made the entire spread appropriate only for a low budget boating magazine.

The entire scene had to be reworked at an idyllic beach in the backyard.

By then, I had a accumulated some color.

Hours of editing could have happened. Photo editors can change the backdrop, waistline, skintone, eye and hair color texture and tone. Swimwear shades can be adjusted and fictitious facial features can be manipulated and exaggerated in a number of smart phone apps.

In a world of false prophets and scandalous social media accounts depicting a person one truly is not is embarrassing when face-to-face encounters and real conversations occur.

The critical process is a thief of joy.

Failing to stand firm in your own truth will eventually take you down.

Fresh Skin for Fall

As soon as Labor Day Weekend wrapped up I declared: I need a facial.

With that in universe my colleague, aesthetician and former Chanel beauty rep extraordinaire messaged me to please come in and see her.

Former Chanel artist and aesthetician Aida Deeb (left) and colleague Cathy Oswald with Anders Dermatology

Her new digs, Anders Dermatology on Holland Sylvania Road in Northwest Ohio.

She signed me up for a Dermaplaning, a procedure that removes the top layers of skin and reduces the look of fine lines. A tiny scalpel is used to tenderly scrape the skin for an exfoliating treatment.

Only — I truly do not have dead skin cells. After a series of Microdermabrasions from the owner of Westshore Skin & Health in Westlake, and application of Gabriel Correctives Exfoliating Gycolic Gel, souls living where the sun barely shines couldn’t tell I had spent so much time at sea.

Lynn Dellapasta owns a home in Old Town Key West and is trained on exactly what to do to skin stressed from the tropics.

My skin had been slugged like an Atlantic side beach on Matecumbe Key after Hurricane Irma.

For the past two and a half years I’ve been drenching my skin with the world’s number one selling serum Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair. But, with the amount of sunscreen from this summer’s outdoor activities I am sure some pores were no longer perfect.

You can reach Aida, my favorite Northwest Ohio Aesthetician at 419-215-7904 or call the office 419-473-3257.