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To Work with Mommy

Complete with a Cat 5 Labor Day Hurricane Storyline

The granddaughter of a Latin Teacher, my mom retired after twenty four years of teaching English, Reading and Applied Communications to Seniors in the Sandusky County School District. She was a slave to her students and their academic instruction.

Retirement didn’t last long. She set sail for an island south of Miami and Labor Day Weekend 2020 marks the ideal time to focus on her new Florida Keys “employment”.

To Work with Mommy

She’s conducting educational tours to visitors from around the world on Pigeon Key, an island rich in development, tropical and hurricane history. Most notably the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935. One could spend years studying the strength and devastation of this storm. The Director of the island asked her to share her enthusiasm for the island and years of classroom instruction and to be the spokeswoman for the schooling. She agreed, but “not for free.” Nice work mom! We taught her well. She named the price on her paycheck.

I went to work with her and captured a slideshow earlier this year.

A brief background. This remote island, now only accessible via ferry provided he backdrop for many family getsaways, gatherings, bonfires, and overnight stays.

And check this out: My mom and me for this year’s 2020 photo op against the old railroad bridge destroyed by the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935.

We didn’t plan this. The same pier with an altered pose of the 2012 Save the Bridge Calendar Shoot that landed me on the pages as Miss May.

Oh to Labor! Jason fired me so the work is justified. My mom got a kick of the autograph signing at Castaway Waterfront Restaurant and Sushi Bar. If you have the time, this three day weekend; delve into the history of Pigeon Key, the Overseas Railroad (affectionately known as Flagler’s Folly) and the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935. I’d write more but I have to run to work. I leave you with some photos of my nephew playing in the beach house there in my Tusa Serene Mask and Tusa Hyper-Dry Snorkel from Divers Direct. Do not head to this island without gear to view what is in the ocean.

Anti-Industry Elements on MBI

Hurray! Time to celebrate all that time at the grind. St. Hazards on Middle Bass Island, Lake Erie provides the laid back land for anyone looking to escape the punch of the time clock with a Pina Colada. Make that a Pina Colada with a Captain Morgan Spiced Rum Float. Besides lounge chairs, a full menu, campground and fire pits, the property, nestled a fifty minute ferry ride out into Lake Erie, sells, serves, or rents all of the other fundamentals to make forgetting about slaving away simple.

The anti-slog list is straightforward. A straw hat from the gift shop.

A MBI bracelet from the gift shop, and a coconut to showcase the selection of Caribbean Rum cocktails.

Golf carts and beach cruiser bicycles are also for rent. The Panama Jack hat and ballcap add to the island ambiance of anti-industry.

Banana dress and Sperrys my own. The sweat and servitude can stay on the mainland where they belong. See everyone poolside to mark Labor Day Weekend 2020.

Outfit in Ed’s Gift Shop

While we all wait for the main attraction at St. Hazard’s, the pool, to return to the hue of the Mediterranean Sea; let’s turn our attention to another resort feature: the island gift shop. Inside one can typically not only hear the phone ring with eager travelers wanting to know how to reach the ferry; and even more importantly, potential guests wanting to know “how close is Put-in-Bay,” but the entrance area is loaded with gear to wear on site for an island experience.

A look at the prices of all items shown.

Note there isn’t any sticker shock. Shop away while maintenance shocks the pool. We are anticipating pristine pool water for another wonderful weekend ahead.

Seashells for South Fla Moms

A two and a half hour flight out of Detroit or Cleveland and a two and a half hour drive to an island south of Miami lands me at my mom’s. She recently departed from her estate on Ohio’s north coast.

The new guest room has cute seashells. After all of the planing, boating and pulse of the tropical sun I am zapped. There I can toss on a long sleeve shirt, fuzzy socks and can take an afternoon siesta in the sheets.

Once recharged guests can throw on swimwear, grab a beach hat, a towel and head over to the pool for some r&r.

Soda Pup likes to greet guests at the gate.

Fifty miles more of US 1 and a trip across the seven mile bridge puts everyone on the island of Key West. Fun nights with my mom around the corner from my old loft included drag queen entertainment.

She wants to start driving the boat.

I’ll Drive the Boat

New for 2020. My mom wants to learn how to drive the boat.

“…so guys can scuba dive.”

For me, “that adventure has passed. My lungs are still intact. I’ll snorkel and sun myself onboard.”

Celebrate your mom’s personality and her spirit whether her’s is for sunshine, ocean, books and music (my mom); or, maybe she likes flowers, candy and fancy sandals (not my mom).

We did put away this heart shaped box of candies on Valentine’s Day.

The boat’s docked in the backyard behind the saltwater pool next door.

Carrying Crocodile

Let’s expand on the black bag I am touting for Christmastide. (I lost track of the days, as always, and don’t remember how many of my favorite goods I’ve already shown readers.) The Epiphany is still on where the three Wise Men bring gifts. My Brahmin Daisy Wristlet is Crocodile Embossed.

Meaning: the fabric is not actual reptile hide, but is instead a stamped bovine leather.

I haven’t taken a purse, wristlet, wallet or phone out with me since oh, I don’t know… 2010 or 2012. There is a reason for this. Here is a rare occasion I had a green wristlet with a gold alligator detail. The style isn’t reflective of any climate north of Orlando.

I realized I needed something to take with me when meeting my girlfriends out to toss my keys and Pure Color Lip Envy into with a compact, business cards, cash, credit card and driver’s license.

The Wristlet from the Melbourne collection also comes in Pecan and sells for less than one hundred dollars.

Is everyone tired of celebrating? I’m glad I have some organic lemon juice chilled in the fridge leftover from making the Limoncello. After all of this eating, drinking, celebrating, decorating, tearing down the Christmas Trees and opening presents I am ready for a reprieve. Even Bosco has been spoiled beyond belief with new toys and treats. Have you seen his new bed?

Buy the Brahmin here. Click here to shop the artisan collection.

Winter Duck Boots

Photos by Erik Tyger

The style of Sperry has yet to disappoint with refreshed fashion detail. As we finish Christmastide 2019 -2020 I’m promoting my favorite gifts, gear and trinkets. Practicing Christians make note of the Epiphany, the twelfth day of Christmas where the three wise men deliver presents to Baby Jesus. Meaning we all have until Monday January 6 to disperse gifts.

Plus, this season marks the perfect time to pick out all of the goodies that weren’t given. Souvenirs to self reign as nourishment for the soul and that is precisely what the season stresses. Parties, gift exchanges and sharing meals with those significant are key in keeping The Spirit alive. I just wore these cute kicks to deliver a lasagna and garlic bread across the Coastal Ohio Trail.

The Trail is so wet and muddy fluctuating in and out from what feels like Spring to Winter snow and ice storms as usual. The corduroy adds an attractive feature, the black makes a fashion statement and the pink lugged sole not only makes my soul shine but the Wave-Siping provides necessary traction on the Ohio terrain.

The tan and navy top-siders I’ve worn for three-plus years are worn and colored to compliment jeans and khakis. You can buy the black and corduroy pair here. Most of the collection is on sale for less than one hundred dollars. Shop here, and stay dry and stylish.

Performance Puffer

Photos by Erik Tyger

My love life consists mainly of workout dates, and meatless, cheeseless, dairy-free dates at Chipotle.

Holiday gifts picked out based on a loved one’s passions are always on point. Besides diamonds and import car parts there aren’t many trinkets I treasure more than sports gear and luxury fashion for fitness.

I have a sportaholic one hundred pound puppy, too.

Besides eating a sixty-five dollar MAC Kabuki brush and a Phillips Sonicare Diamond Head Toothbrush, he yanked my VS Black Packable Puffer, perfect for all athletic outings, off of a dining room chair. The zippered pocket transformed into his teething ring.

The Calvin Klein Black and White Performance Puffer is a complement to my Countdown to Christmas Holiday Buying Guide.

Shop the collection. I just stopped writing to wrap one up for a nice Army man who purchased one for his Polish girlfriend.

Snuggly Loungewear

Photos Erik Tyger

Swaddle in softness. The Ugg Sheepskin Pom Beanie I just threw some juice to is now sold out in the Cream and cotton-candy pink color combination. That said, I’m not going to stop suggesting appropriate and desirable stocking stuffer and other gift ideas suitable for any girlfriend, aunt, sister, cousin, ecetera. I’m also going to throw in one more plug for Ugg.

This Seashell Pink Duffield II Fleece Wrap Robe is ready to be wrapped in five different colors.

Add the Sparkle Over-the-Knee Knit Thigh Highs and plan to mark the calendar with “Plans to Stay in”.

There are four shopping days left before Christmas and fifteen before the gift giving officially wraps up with the Epiphany. Santa Clause Lane will shut down. I’m having fun. I hope you are enjoying The Spirit of the Season.

Pomegranate for the Face

Photos by Me and Erik Tyger

I wrote about a month ago on going rogue to another beauty brand for my face wash, face serum and body oil. I also promised I would give the low down on a favorite face care cleanser and creams which prove oh so creamy and dreamy for Christmas.

Beauty products should excite and invigorate. Switching over to Estee Lauder’s Nutritious line when the calendar screams holiday makes my face smile when the clock reads time to hit the shower. There’s a “Super Berry Ferment” which is oh so festive.

Harvested from the Mediterranean Basin, there are eight whole fruits in this skincare line that invigorate and wrap the skin in moisture. My customers love this line so much they have me order pieces repeatedly.

All of the products are priced below one hundred. The cleanser is only thirty-two dollars. The foam, the scent and the effectiveness make the entire line matchless at holiday gift giving line. I have the cleanser, Radiant Energy Lotion Intense Moist, and both the day Energy Moisture Cream and the Radiant Energy Night Cream Mask. Hoping Santa drops off some of the Radiant Eye Jelly. Right now I’m using this one at night.