EPISODE I: Spoonful bowl full of Nova Scotia lobster bisque

The Boardwalk was the first eatery establishment to bring the fare to Ohio decades ago. Enter Eric Booker, owner and operator of The Boardwalk Restaurant and lobster bisque kitchen. “Thirty years ago no one had heard of Lobster Bisque soup,” … Continue reading →

Father’s Day Hot Tub Brats meat to make men rave

There isn’t be a more appropriate holiday to make a mark with meat other than Father’s Day. I already tested this dish twice. I serve up these succulent Hot Tub Beer Brats at a party and then, text my dad’s … Continue reading →

Bowl of BOLD Broccoli Soup va va voom vegetable classic

Sometimes I quit working and the clock typically reads well past eight o’clock. Last night the hands were more past ten… I believe this is due to the evening anchor schedule where the whole crew always ate late.  At our … Continue reading →

Perfect Cup of Cocoa decadent dark cocoa, homemade cream, & surprising ceramics

A fast from chocolate didn’t last this season once the region was pummeled with the white stuff. Instead I splurged on a close to a pound of powdery Godiva Chocolatier Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa. Touted as “luxuriously rich”, this confection made … Continue reading →

Go Gourmet and get Festive with the Fuji candy-coated Christmas apples

I saw the idea in a gourmet food magazine right after Thanksgiving that I happened to be flipping through quickly. There they were showcased on the page: gourmet apples dipped in caramel, coated in melted white chocolate and then… sprinkled with more candy! … Continue reading →

Save and Savor the Squash Seeds cubes to cut the cravings

Detox before the dinner. Thanksgiving is upon us. Which has many wondering and thinking about how to enjoy the season and all of the flavors that accompany the yearly family feast around the table without guilt, added weight, or overindulgence. … Continue reading →

Contrivance of the Caramel Apple fancy with the fall fruit

I always saw the caramel apples for sale at the local grocer and from non-profit organizations covered in candied confections. The sugar and various nuts which had been applied perfectly to the apple. I wondered how did the creators apply … Continue reading →

Homemade Pumpkin Spiced Latte made with Cafe Bustelo in the Florida Keys

My last stop at the market sent me looking for all of the ingredients to make my favorite fall foods; sharp white cheddar grilled cheese on sour dough, chili, caramel apples covered in nuts, and ingredients for homemade pumpkin spiced latte. … Continue reading →

Chickpeas Please salad via can of garbanzo beans

Let go of using the leafy greens for just a slight moment as a salad base. Instead open up a can of garbanzo beans. This recipe, a variation from allrecipes.com, can actually be eaten by one person as an entire meal, … Continue reading →

Heaven Sent in a one-by-one Inch Cocoa Coconut Ball 2016 vegan revamp the 1920s Mounds Candy Bar

The last time I was asked if I had any request from the grocery store my reply was, “Yes! Hershey’s  Unsweetened Cocoa Powder from the baking section.” I’ve become smitten making anything and everything made sweet with that unsweetened staple. … Continue reading →