Outfit in Ed’s Gift Shop

While we all wait for the main attraction at St. Hazard’s, the pool, to return to the hue of the Mediterranean Sea; let’s turn our attention to another resort feature: the island gift shop. Inside one can typically not only … Continue reading →

Carrying Crocodile

Let’s expand on the black bag I am touting for Christmastide. (I lost track of the days, as always, and don’t remember how many of my favorite goods I’ve already shown readers.) The Epiphany is still on where the three … Continue reading →

Performance Puffer

Photos by Erik Tyger My love life consists mainly of workout dates, and meatless, cheeseless, dairy-free dates at Chipotle. Holiday gifts picked out based on a loved one’s passions are always on point. Besides diamonds and import car parts there … Continue reading →

Pomegranate for the Face

Photos by Me and Erik Tyger I wrote about a month ago on going rogue to another beauty brand for my face wash, face serum and body oil. I also promised I would give the low down on a favorite … Continue reading →

Backyard Style

Photos by Erik Tyger There is a new category of fashion: when we’re outside with our puppies. Lifestyle truth beats “when it bleeds it leads” every time. There’s Bosco @LakeEriesLabPup. Owning this one hundred pound Cup of Christmas Cocoa Requires … Continue reading →