Pomegranate for the Face

Photos by Me and Erik Tyger

I wrote about a month ago on going rogue to another beauty brand for my face wash, face serum and body oil. I also promised I would give the low down on a favorite face care cleanser and creams which prove oh so creamy and dreamy for Christmas.

Beauty products should excite and invigorate. Switching over to Estee Lauder’s Nutritious line when the calendar screams holiday makes my face smile when the clock reads time to hit the shower. There’s a “Super Berry Ferment” which is oh so festive.

Harvested from the Mediterranean Basin, there are eight whole fruits in this skincare line that invigorate and wrap the skin in moisture. My customers love this line so much they have me order pieces repeatedly.

All of the products are priced below one hundred. The cleanser is only thirty-two dollars. The foam, the scent and the effectiveness make the entire line matchless at holiday gift giving line. I have the cleanser, Radiant Energy Lotion Intense Moist, and both the day Energy Moisture Cream and the Radiant Energy Night Cream Mask. Hoping Santa drops off some of the Radiant Eye Jelly. Right now I’m using this one at night.

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