“See the difference between the right eye and the left. This one has the Lash Primer (Plus) underneath the mascara,” Estee Lauder Beauty Adviser Paula McAdam explained to a bride-to-be gaining some necessary big day tips.

The brunette accountant for Marathon, set to say her vows this October, noticed the difference in lash length. So did her mom.

The Lash Primer Plus boosts the effects of mascara. Simply place the white conditioner on lashes and add any Estee Lauder, MAC, Smashbox, or Clinique mascara and boom lashes grow to extremes.

Some of the big players in the market such as Lauder’s Sumptuous Extreme impacts with Prismatic Pearls to intensify pigment and luster.

This particular mascara creates an audacious false lash effect, especially when paired with the Lash Primer Plus. There isn’t a need for costly extensions or eyelash glue that won’t come off — or worse which causes an allergic reaction.

“Mascara is a must-have,” stressed Adams who has twenty-five years in the lux cosmetics industry working for every line including Chanel and MAC.

An event for makeup and mascara enthusiasts is set for this upcoming weekend.

All brands *with the exclusion of Chanel are included.

Buy any two, customers can mix and match across the luxury brands, and the third is a gift from the store.

This truly is the perfect way for women to treat themselves as we celebrate the dads, granddads, fathers, and brothers in our lives. For up-to-date bold brows click here to meet the Brow Boss Kyle Ricker.

Order through me 419-862-7143 North Coast 305-395-8890 S Fla

a Quick note — I have already seen and studied the new Fall 2019 wardrobe of new colors, products and even a new scent, a version of this one. Plus includes a new Sumptuous Rebel Length + Lift Mascara. We’re all going to love this product because it’s washable.

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